3 Best Cloud Hosting Provider Companies Of India In 2019

Cloud Hosting Providers 

In the league of quality services, people always look for features and prices. Likewise, Website hosting is the space where users can manage Internet performance in terms of speed and performance. If you have a website, then somewhere you will surely require the help of the website service provider that can lift your website performance with the right website hosting services.

For better help, Cloud Hosting came into existence. The best use of it was seen the server connection to the website Interface accordingly. It is more about using cloud computing technology with dedicated servers. In the world of digital marketing, “Cloud” has a lot of meanings.

Cloud Hosting is a perfect solution mainly designed for audiences and website owners who cannot easily highlight their website’s performances or the use of the resources. The VPS servers connected to the OS are known for providing better resources to improve upon the speed and interfacing matrix. The cloud hosting experts concentrates on the features to help the customer with the quality website services that can develop with daily use. The features include- usability, reliability, hardware, server uptime, tech support, features, and pricing.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud Hosting has dedicated servers that measure website performance.
  • Here Application can be deployed to measure the server-server connection for the performance measure.
  • It somewhere offers the best reasons for the safety and security of the OS and CMS.
  • Resources are often used to scale the connected devices and measure it with the performance matrix.
  • Pay for the resources that you use.
  • Solutions are almost automated and controlled using APIs, website portals, and mobile apps.

In the current blog, we will look at some of the top-rated cloud hosting providers in India that are creating an impact worldwide.

Hosting Raja

The best part of the Hosting Raja is that their services are available in a lot of Indian regional languages. With excellent customer services, you have a lot of different options to ensure that website performance remains at the top of the service providers. From over many tears, Hosting Raja deploys efficient servers that provide adequate performance with excellent grip on queries and problems. There are many other packages where you can get a free domain as well.

Features of Hosting Raja

  • The VPS cloud hosting platform offers free mitigation from the different existing hosting providers. Most often, backup and restore are entirely free.
  • You can interact with the cPanel admin with the entire best plan to use your VPS server and website hosted accordingly.
  • Here you can readily use the WordPress CMS, including the competitors too.
  • With the VPS cloud servers, you can choose the stack options for better performance.
  • Hosting Raja provides a trial version of 7 days, but it comes with an Rs.500 price tag.


Hostgator is one of the trusted website hosting service provider worldwide. They are known in the Indian market due to the introduction of the innovative hosting solutions and active customer service at a market-friendly price. HostGator hosts a limited number of websites on each server. This benefit enables each website to work to its maximum capacity.

Moreover, HostGator hosts have a limited number of website to check for each server connection. It has a VPS server’s connection that can readily increase internet speed performance. This benefit enables each server to be connected parallel with the OS system so that customer can get the advantage with the user-level access accordingly.

Features of Hostgator

  • Hostgator Cloud provides a boost to the website speed with two times power than the other website hosting platforms.
  • Hostgator website hosting offers an integrated dashboard that is used to monitor website analytics and performance.
  • Here the servers can be scaled when your site starts verging to heights. Hence, it’s recommended to start and expand as you get with the hosting examples.
  • Through content development network, you can see the different cloud servers used. If you see a hope to excel the website traffic on the site, check your VPS servers as the backup plan.
  • In such web hosting, you don’t need third-party cache plug-ins. Hostgator VPS is already well optimized for caching to serve your web pages with better speed.


Bluehost is one of the most trusted names in Website hosting services. It is known for it’s cost-effective and handy shared hosting. The feature includes similar copies of your data across the multiple devices with the content distribution network.  With the features of distribution and monitoring, you can quickly identify when more resources are needed to support.

With the VPS cloud, the automatic failover feature is one of the unique features of Bluehost.

Features of Bluehost

  • Most plans include unlimited disk storage, domain hosting name, mail address, and particular bandwidth of flow.
  • Trusted customer support services for the server’s performance.
  • Accessible to interface cPanel features for easy access.
  • Trustworthy interfacing between the server connected especially shared and dedicated.


If you want to buy the flexible hosting service with scalable resources for your business site or blog, then Cloud hosting is the right choice. Also, if your visitors reside in India, then you have to get the best Cloud hosting India to offer fast content delivery and best performance.