3 of the Biggest Advantages to Buying Wholesale

3 of the Biggest Advantages to Buying Wholesale

As a shopkeeper, you may find yourself frequently reordering your most popular products. Buying bulk wholesale is a great way to save money while restocking your inventory with trendy and high-quality items. If you are unfamiliar with the process of buying wholesale, the wholesale suppliers of Supplied have provided some helpful information for business owners below.

What is Wholesale?

If you own a retail business, buying wholesale is extremely beneficial to your finances and business operations.

The supply chain works through wholesale distributors who carry mass quantities of product that they buy directly from the manufacturer. They then sell those items to retailers, who then sell the products to consumers. It’s easier to operate a business when you are buying wholesale products. Wholesale price is also always cheaper than retail price.

Who Can Buy Wholesale?

Buying wholesale is not an option for everyone; it’s typically reserved for business owners who will sell the items at retail price. If you are a retailer, you need an EIN, obtained through the IRS, and a wholesale license, which exempts you from paying sales tax.

Reasons to Buy Wholesale

1. Cheaper to Buy in Bulk

You may have heard that buying in bulk saves money overall, and this is true. Distributors will typically give you a discount for purchasing larger quantities of an item. For example, on Supplied’s website, a dotted trim face towel is $3.50 per piece, but by purchasing 10 of them, you are only paying $3.15 each.

If you are a business owner tight on cash, then you can also purchase in bulk with peace of mind using financing options. Instead of paying the full cost upfront, Supplied lets you stagger your payments to ease the burden on your bank account.

By purchasing bulk wholesale, you are buying directly from the supplier, so there are fewer people to make a profit off the items. Buying the items at wholesale price, which is always lower, and then raising them for retail is how your business makes a profit.

2. Wider Variety

Instead of being confined to the inventory of one store, a supplier will have a warehouse full of styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from. Many stores will only have items that fit their brand, but a distributor will have a diverse selection, allowing you to define your own aesthetic through the products you sell.

The wider selection also gives you more freedom to choose a product that best fits your needs. With thousands of items to choose from on Supplied, you can find something that fits your store’s standards in terms of price, quality, and overall style.

3. Online Convenience

As a small business owner, you probably juggle multiple tasks at once, so anything that saves time is appreciated. Most distributors have a website to allow people all over the world to shop their products.

Being able to restock your store from your computer is just another convenience of using an online distributor like Supplied. You can easily reorder from your order history, and then go about getting other tasks done while your purchase is shipped to your door. Shipping fees are waived for orders over $150, as well.