4 Useful Tips to Grow Your Social Media Follower Count

4 Useful Tips to Grow Your Social Media Follower Count

Some people think that the number of people that follow you on social media is just a vanity metric. In some respects, they’re correct.

Your follower count can be a phony number made up of bots, fake accounts, and people looking to make fast cash off of you if you’re just following everyone in the hopes that they’ll follow you back. And if your audience isn’t your ideal consumers, your following isn’t worth anything.

But what about accounts that have grown their audiences organically via intelligent content, robust participation, and calculated promotional efforts? They have a sizable and engaged follower base, which is more than just a vanity metric for them.

Whether your company or product is brand new or is just recently joining the social media landscape, you must begin somewhere. Let’s take a look at some of the tried-and-true strategies for resurrecting your social media accounts.

Avoid Spamming

Make sure you figure out how you can make your social media efforts count from a follower count of zero to one thousand and beyond. Also, how can you build a dedicated fan base while doing it?

Using Instagram as an example, you wouldn’t want to start following everyone, like every picture and react to every story since that’s just spam. Only to have a vanity following count that amounts to nothing but a number. If you want to simplify things, you can employ the best IG growth service to get more real, engaged followers and decrease bots. Fake or irrelevant followers do nothing to help your account’s development.

Define Your Audience

The social media strategy you develop in response to each platform’s specific audience is inextricably linked to your ability to accurately profile that platform’s users. There are a lot of different social media platforms, and it may be difficult to keep up with them all and learn their respective subtleties, especially if your target audience is active on a wide variety of them.

You may potentially contact people of all ages through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. However, the average age of users on channels like the more business-oriented LinkedIn will always be higher than that of channels like Snapchat.

Target market identification may be improved with the use of sales data and consumer surveys. You may find the ideal way to approach them via market research, focus groups, and gradual testing.

In addition, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms have in-built metrics that reveal your audience’s peak activity hours and the posts that generate the most feedback.

Understand Your Competitors

You can’t run a successful company on social media or anywhere else if you don’t know who you’re up against.

You must ascertain their identity, target audience, and strategy. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to understand how they are presenting themselves in the market and what strategies they are using to do this. Alternatively, you may plot out a more robust and distinctive strategy to reach the same people.

Keep an eye on their social media management to learn from their blunders, improve upon their successes, and stay abreast of any relevant market developments.

Connect With Your Audience

Even if you have a well-thought-out plan for developing and sharing material and updates, it won’t have the desired effect or gain you the right following.

Acknowledge the individuals who have followed you by liking or commenting on their posts. Follow others, with intent and not merely to be followed back, and introduce yourself and your business when it’s relevant. If you want to increase awareness of your brand or business on Twitter, for instance, retweet relevant articles and material while tagging the original author or company. As a result, both the businesses and their customers can get interested in what you have to say and start interacting with you more often.

Further, you may enhance your interaction with your followers by using social media automation tools. By actively participating with your audience, you demonstrate that you value what they have to say. Once they have more confidence in you, they will be more receptive to connecting with you, following you, and purchasing from you.


Final Thoughts

Having a large number of social media followers might be a nice ego boost, but it isn’t everything. Especially if you’ve gone about it the incorrect way, like following fake accounts only to be followed back or paying for followers. Because automated trading is failing to generate sales. Not only will they not interact with or read your updates, but they will likely ignore them altogether.

Aim for an approach that is both honest and reliable. You’ll establish your credibility and assure your supporters that you won’t be going anywhere soon.