5 Creative Ideas for Killer Display Ads

5 Creative Ideas for Killer Display Ads

We’ve long understood that we live in a commercial culture, literally. Everywhere you turn, there are commercials vying for people’s attention.

In many cases, people are tired of being preached about what products they should buy. Studies show that 74% of consumers hate advertisements.

However, there is an exception to the rule. Social media visual advertisements are some of the highest performing ads on the market. Mastering these ads can dramatically increase your traffic and sales.

So, how can you craft the best display advertisements? If that’s what you’re wondering, keep reading! We’ll explore five strategies for display advertising in the guide below.

1. Consider Venues for Digital Ads

Before you begin designing an ad, consider on which platform you’ll display it. Remember, digital ads don’t compete only with other paid content. You’re also in competition with the user’s social network or desired content.

Likewise, different venues have varying rules about what kinds of images you can use. For example, many venues ban displaying erotic visuals. So, design your ad to catch the attention of a platform’s userbase.

2. Remember Your Target Demographic

All your display ad ideas should target your specified demographic. For example, Hot Topic ads specialize in grabbing young people with a particular aesthetic.

Fortunately, digital advertising allows you to segment your audience to determine who is most likely to accept your pitch. So, you can use this tool to determine which demographics provide you with the most traffic and conversions.

3. Use Humor in Your Display Ad

People will forgive you for advertising if it makes them laugh. For example, think about how Geico commercials use humor to advertise their product. Before long, every other insurance company tried to mimic their approach.

Apply that strategy to your digital advertisements. Find some display ad examples in your industry that use humor.

Then, consider ways to use humor with your own twist. It may help to hire a creative director to achieve the best results.

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4. Appeal To Other Emotions

Marketers often appeal to four basic human emotions:

  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Surprise
  • Anger/disgust

Each of these emotions has an impact and encourages viewers to take action. For example, consider how visceral reactions animal shelters get when they display hungry animals. That sadness causes people to call in to adopt an animal.

The same approach works for other emotions. So, find the best emotional pull to use in your advertisements.

5. Advertise Feel-Good Discounts

Another tip for a killer display ad is to include feel-good discounts. These discounts go beyond the standard 10%-20% discount. Instead, they offer significantly more savings to make people feel good about the bargain they discovered.

Use These Strategies in Your Display Ads!

Using these display ad ideas can enhance your digital advertisements tremendously. They play to people’s emotions, making them engage with your content. In doing so, you can gain traffic and higher conversion rates.

So, try some of them out in your next ad campaign! With any luck, you’ll see heightened traffic on your ads and more conversions.

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