5 Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Your Business


Growing a business in the competitive markets of today is a challenging feat. The stats are pretty clear on this one as 20% of all businesses fail to make it past the first year. Such is the intensity of the competition ahead that merely following the conventional methods of growth will take you nowhere.

You need to follow different methods to ensure that your business goes the distance in terms of achieving its growth objectives. If you are not willing to think outside the box, you should embrace yourself for failure as the competition will cause your business to dwindle into disarray.

By using growth hacking techniques, you can generate the traction required to skyrocket the customer base. In this article, we will point out the key growth hacking strategies that will help your business grow and beat the competitors.

Here are some strategies that you should consider if you are planning to grow the business.

1. Research

Often business owners think that they don’t need business research, or they don’t have the time to carry out business research. This is not the right way to begin operations, as research is a crucial step if you want to do anything successfully.

Although conducting thorough research might seem to take its sweet time, it will eventually help you in creating a plan and saving some in the long run. A business needs to be aware of the business climate and industry norms and practices.

This will make planning a lot easier and effective. Therefore, rather than jumping to executions, it is imperative to take time out and research the possible options.

2. Who Will Buy My Product

Equally as important as conducting research on the industry norms and practices is ascertaining the nature and behavior of your customer. Finding out the precise nature of your customer will help you in creating an effective marketing strategy that will dictate the eventual outcome of all your decisions.

For a startup, it is essential to maximize each penny they spend. This will be impossible if you don’t have sufficient information regarding the market you are spending your funds on.

While the quality of the product you offer should not be compromised, it is vital to understand the customers’ habits and personas to ensure the best results. One way to understand customers is by creating an ideal buyer persona.

You can classify your customers according to the age group, gender, and their overall education. You can use key information sources which include the goals, values and challenges and pain points a customer has.

After you have this information, it becomes much easier for you to understand the journey of the customer. This allows you to create a marketing strategy that is tailor-made to attract an individual to your product, thus enhancing your sales.

You can use the help of web design services in London to design your website according to the nature of the customers that will visit it. An interactive website and easy to use the website is something that all users accept. However, avoid using a flashy website for senior citizens as it might put them off.

3. Customer Engagement

Customer retention is of the essence, getting one time sales is not going to lead to growth for a business. If you want to improve the quality of your product, it is essential to engage with the customers. Customer feedback if used correctly, does wonder for a business. In addition to helping understand the expectations of a customer, feedback will aid in tuning the business plan and ensuring the acceptance of the brand.

It is impossible to satisfy the needs of a customer without taking their feedback into consideration. The customer feedback will help you in making changes to the strategies you implement.

4. Use Modern Technology

All successful businesses are great at using modern technology and adapting to the changes in the digital world. Businesses realize the significance of creating a great brand image and the benefits of staying relevant to all generations.

Some businesses prefer getting an experienced brand design agency on board. This ensures that the brand and the culture of the company are appealing to the user.

The efficient use of resources also depends on how well a business uses technology. You should not be reluctant in taking the help of technology when managing your business.

The software and applications will help you in getting the best out of the resources as most operations are automated in the digitized world.

The more efficient the operations of a business, the higher the likelihood of future growth, and by digitizing operations, you can promote efficiency in the workplace. An efficient workforce is equipped to deal with the problems of the customer and to react to their demands.

5. Understand Your Competitors

Entrepreneurs can always learn from the methods their competitors use. The ability to understand and react to the methods that the competitors use is another strategy that will secure growth in the future.

An existing competitor that is there in the industry much longer than your business has already answered the questions that you are looking for. Therefore, there is no harm in understanding and implementing the strategies the competitor used.

If you feel that the competitor has paved the way for initial success and growth, then you should proceed ahead with the strategy. The process of understanding the competitors is not a onetime effort as all successful businesses keep track of operations and numbers of their competitors.


Every successful business that you see today was a startup once. Immediate success is a myth as it requires years of planning and hard work. Similarly, growth, the one factor that can skyrocket your business requires great effort and skills. By applying the strategies mentioned above in the broader framework, you can have a success story of your own.

About Author:-

Richard Kearsey is a digital designer at Emerald Colour – a leading exhibition stand builder in London. They also offer various other IT related services, like website design, animation,  SEO, etc. He loves creativity and enjoys experimenting with various design techniques for both web and print. He also enjoys sharing his thought on latest design trends and upcoming marketing ideas.