5 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Teams For Your Business

5 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Teams For Your Business

Technology has transformed the workplace and made it possible to streamline many processes. Today, collaboration and communication are key characteristics sought by leaders to achieve maximum productivity. You can now use several tools and platforms to help you coordinate with your teams and create a smooth communication flow. If you are still deciding on an application to use, Microsoft Teams is the perfect answer to your dilemma. With features like the Microsoft teams meeting rooms, it combines multiple functions into one platform, making it the go-to choice for many businesses today.

If you have never used the platform before, you may wonder how it differs from others. To have a better understanding on how this tool can help your business, here are some of its top benefits.

Set Up Meetings Conveniently

Nowadays, virtual meetings are huge in the workplace, especially with many companies switching to work-at-home. However, switching from one application to another can get tedious. With Microsoft Teams, you no longer have to worry about that since the platform is integrated with Skype and has audio, video, and screen sharing functions. Additionally, you can create Microsoft teams meeting rooms to segment your teams into smaller groups and allow for easier collaboration.

Organise Messages and Files

Another top advantage of Microsoft Teams is that it organises your messages and files, so you do not have to go back and forth looking for something when you need it. This can be a common problem when using your email. With Microsoft’s chat interface, you have a chat function that resembles social media platforms, so it is easy to talk to others and backtrack messages. You can also attach files as you would in an email, but all attachments are collated on a separate tab that allows you to have easy access to your files.

Boost Collaborative Efforts

Collaboration has never been easier with Microsoft Teams’ integration with Office 365. The benefit of this function is, you can easily create new Word, Powerpoint, and Excel on the platform, co-edit files with your team, and share them with other people. With this feature, you no longer have to jump from one software to another as you can do everything in a single application and make your work more efficient than ever.

Improve Transparency

Maintaining transparency in your company can help nurture the workplace and make employees feel valued. With Microsoft Teams, you can increase transparency since you can quickly leave messages in the right channel and mention people by adding @. And do not have to worry about forgetting to cc someone in your email since all your employees are utilising the platform.

Promote Communication On the Go

Microsoft Teams will make communication much smoother among teams and departments and make it easy to stay in touch while on the go. With the mobile app, you can easily access the platform and do most functions like calling, chatting, setting up meetings, and accessing files. If there are limitations with real-time editing with the Office applications, you will have to download them on your device. Even so, communication is certainly much more comfortable and more convenient.

Therefore, setting up Microsoft teams for your business would help you and the growth of your company. In fact, Microsoft teams will help you to work from home comfortably.