5 Simple But Powerful Tips For A Better Prayer Life

5 Simple But Powerful Tips For A Better Prayer Life

For most people, we sometimes feel guilty of treating prayer as some sort of a chore and sometimes isn’t something that we look forward to. That’s obviously not what God intended prayer to be; he wants us to experience a powerful prayer experience.

Prayer should never be a boring and dull activity; it should be one where we are refreshed, renewed, and reconnected with God. In this article, we’ll share five simple tips to enhance and enrich your prayer life.

Tip #1: Post Prayers Online

We’re living in the age of digital advancements where we gain access to all sorts of informative sites. Spiritual resources like christian.net help us realign ourselves with God’s messages. You can start by posting bible verses or simple prayers to enlighten your day and others’ day as well. There are a lot of prayer sites online where they allow you to post a prayer and share it with other believers in the faith.

This unique way of praying allows you not only share your thoughts and prayers with everyone, but it can also influence others to join you in prayer and even connect with them. Instead of sharing nonsense posts on social media, why not post a prayer and bless another person?

Tip #2: Pray In Group Settings

We see group prayers many times in the Bible. In Luke 9:28, it said: “Jesus, now about eight days after these sayings, took Peter, John, and James, and climbed up on the mountain to pray.” Now, this is not a one-time occurrence. We see this habit of Jesus praying with some of his closest friends many times in the Scripture.

If you can think to the Lord’s Prayer, when the disciples were asking Jesus, “Lord, teach us how to pray.” Jesus started the prayer, saying: “Our Father…” In other words, prayer under Jesus’ paradigm was, in fact, something very efficiently done as a communal experience with other consumerreports.store.

Tip #3: Pray Out Loud

For whatever reason, we have been influenced to only pray out loud during meals or at church. The rest of the time, we get kind of embarrassed about praying, and so it results in us praying inside our heads or silently to ourselves.

Praying out loud can help you remain focused and attentive to the conversation you are having with God. The more you have to say your prayers out loud, the more you have to think about it and be more focused on your prayers. Don’t feel embarrassed to speak to God out loud. He will listen, and he loves to hear you converse with him.

Tip #4: Start A Prayer Journal

If somehow your environment restricts you from praying out loud you can start a prayer journal. You can do this through pen & notebook, your iPad, or computer, whatever feels comfortable for you to express your thoughts and converse with God.

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When you look into the Bible, and you see the book of Psalms, that’s basically what prayer journals look like. These were prayers that were written down, and we get to be blessed by them all the way thousands of years later to this date.

What’s really enjoyable about a prayer journal is that it encourages you to think about what you’re praying. If you’re praying in your head, you’re going to get distracted. But with a prayer journal, your ability to have a safe place to focus purely on pouring your heart out to God.

Tip #5: Go On A Prayer Walk

Step out of your house, get out of your normal environment, and go out to nature to do your prayer walk. You can combine tip #2 and this tip, where you go on a prayer walk and verbally pray out loud. Isolate yourself with God in nature or an open environment to allow yourself to process your prayer experience.


Praying is a truly fulfilling experience. Always seek to upgrade your prayer life that way, you can make every prayer experience an enjoyable and refreshing moment and feel God’s presence every time.