A Brief Guide to Import Your Goods into The UK

A Brief Guide to Import Your Goods into The UK

From gifting your loved ones some stuff from one country to another to importing some stuff for your business, all of this looks like a bit of a headache. Well, honestly it isn’t that big of a deal. With the new COVID 19 guidelines, people usually consider ignoring the import-export stuff which they actually do not need to. In fact, you are still able to move your goods and stuff with ease in the present time. For precise information about the imports, you may check the best website, Freightlinecarriers. Check up on this handy guide for further information about the import process:

Commodity Code:

While initiating the documentation process, you will need to fill up or mention the commodity code for your goods. This will help to determine the VAP and duty fees that you will be required to pay.

Calculate the Value of Your Goods:

The import documentation being prepared needs you to mention certain necessary stuff like the value of your goods. This would help calculate the VAT and duty fees you will be required to pay. There are a lot of websites helping you to calculate the value. Do your homework to avoid tedious work later.


Firstly, check whether any official certification is required for importing certain kinds of goods like poultry, chemicals, plants, and controlled drugs. Check the license requirement for no other hurdles.

Submit the Important Declaration and Fees:

You will be required to submit your important declaration. Information such as the departure location and time, destination, type of the goods, method of import, and the amount, also the commodity codes for the goods you are importing will be required. The important certifications are another necessity for a smooth procedure. Now another term, VAT, what is it? 90 days prior to the import being processed, while submitting all these documents, you will also be asked to pay in terms of VAT and duty fees.

Keep Proper Organization and Management:

Beware of all the documents required for the process, failing this, you mind find your package stopped at the border for numerous reasons. The reasons might include missing some documents, certificates, and the right import license. Another reason might be that you haven’t paid the right amount of VAT. Once these issues are resolved, you are good to go.

These were some of the important steps for the process of importing stuff or goods to the UK. keeping in mind, all the necessary steps would avoid havoc and breakage in the smooth chain and process of the import.