A List Of Good Debts

Three Examples Of A Good Debt

Salt Lake City is considered as one of the top places to live in the United States. In addition to its picturesque landscape and thriving culture, the city is known for its high employment rate and reasonable cost of living. Furthermore, there are government programs that provide aid to its citizens in the aspects of education and healthcare—to name a few. Still, some necessities will entail you to acquire title loans in Salt Lake City.

Securing a loan is mostly viewed in a negative light. You might hear comments like “You should have prepared for times like this” and “You invested in the wrong things, that’s why you are in debt now.” However, there is a distinction between a good loan and a bad one. Take note that bad debt is putting your money on things that will depreciate over time. A car, for instance, will lose its worth as the years go by. It will not generate any income unless, of course, you bought it to serve as a private vehicle and a ride-hailing service. A good debt, on the other hand, allows you to increase your money in the bank through your loan.

To help you understand, here is a list of good debt:

Real estate

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not owning a home is an investment. Whichever side you support, one thing’s for sure; it can be an investment as long as you intend to make money out of it. The usual route is to purchase a home in a promising location, live there for years, and sell it at a higher price when the location becomes the it-place you expected it to be. The problem is, you are never sure if your purchase will generate a return. What you can do is take a lodger or rent out the entire residence. There is also money in commercial real estate. It is an excellent source of monthly income without giving you too much stress.

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True enough, you can find a job despite the lack of a college diploma. You can succeed in your chosen career without it, either. Unfortunately, it is not everybody’s reality. You can’t deny that your earning potential, like every working middle class, is based on your educational level. In hindsight, what is written on your CV will give you the callback that you need when looking for a job. People with excellent educational backgrounds tend to be employed in good-paying jobs and receive better opportunities in life. You have to make sure that your chosen degree program will give you the work that you need if you don’t want to be drowned by student loans.


Businesses can fail. It’s necessary to back up your venture with more than enough data so that you can succeed. To start a business, it is often required to borrow additional funds. You also need to hire an experienced team that will help you develop a marketing strategy to secure your business’ success. After all, you can’t make money without money.

You might encounter an opportunity to invest, be it in a home or a business, and the only way to do so is to secure a loan. Other than that, there are emergencies which will oblige you to provide more than what you have. Be wise in making a financial decision.