Astiora Makes Service Personal


The needs of business owners in today’s technologically-advanced market can be very exacting depending on the products they sell. So, when it comes to getting a product to their clients, business owners cannot settle for the traditional single option offered by some fulfillment service provider.

Most business owners require and should demand a partnership with a fulfillment supplier that offers flexibility and most importantly an omnichannel platform that can accommodate their needs. After all, one size fulfillment service plan does not fit all businesses.

Retailers not in sync with the needs of their customers are bargaining with their success and growth. Companies that are savvy enough to see the opportunities make sure they have several order fulfillment service options to meet the lifestyle of their customers. They also rely on key metrics to gauge profit as well as the satisfaction of those customers.

Meeting Customized Needs 

At Astiora, a subsidiary of K&J Enterprises, an expert in fulfillment services, partners have no concerns about the company’s ability to handle all types of fulfillment requirements from receiving to shipping.

Here, partners have a wide range of options from which to choose and all the plans can be customized. “We do everything within our power to meet the needs of our customers.” states the company’s website at

And the careful handling begins as soon as the product is at the warehouse:

  • First, employees take receipt of the mail and packages and check for damages that could have happened during transit.
  • Damages are noted and instantly reported to the business owner for action.
  • Photographs are taken of the item and uploaded so business owners can check the package for confirmation.
  • Arrangements are made with the business owner about where to ship the product and any preferred shipping options needed.

Time, Access And Options 

Since time is money, it is not wasted by any avoidable delay. Astiora works to keep the time it takes to inventory items to 48 hours and has set up preferences to stay within that timeframe.


The company also provides online access to accounts 24/7. “Because our clients are literally located all over the world, it is important that they are able to access their account information at times that are convenient for them,” the company says.

Secure online scanning is also a part of the fulfillment supplier’s tool kit. The company’s policy is to never open a package or letter unless the customer asks. And when a request is made, photographs are taken of the unopened package, the contents are photographed or the documents scanned. All this is done in secured space.

The recycling and shredding service is a great way to reduce the amount of waste that tend to pile up at fulfillment warehouses. The environment also benefits from the recycling program.

“We eliminate duplicate processes in our operations as well as eliminate paperwork by using paperless options when available,” Astiora states on its website. “For any waste that is produced, we have a number of recycling programs that we participate in to ensure that a large portion of our waste is able to be reused or recycled.”