Benefits Of CTV Advertising

Benefits Of CTV Advertising

Connected TV (CTV) advertising refers to a smart television allowing internet connection and digital content access such as apps unlike traditional television. Being touted as the future of advertising CTV enables the marketing of products and services in the form of visual messages and pictures. Ads can be shown on premium streaming services for cord-cutters such as Direct TV.

The display of video ads on a user’s TV screen is considered to be much more useful than a mobile device or laptop screen display. The reason is ads are shown on the bigger screen of TV and in a platform that is captive and friendly to the audience.

It is vital to understand that Connected TV may include any particular device with the capability to stream television content. Some such devices are tablets, computers and mobile devices. Subsequently below are the pros of CTV advertising.

1. Better Audience Targeting

Users of CTV are required to access the service by logging in using any of the popular third-party accounts like Facebook and Google for identification. When signing in any of the services various details of the user are made available including age and location.

It is this availability of personal information that is utilized by CTV to enable audience targeting of ads. That means creative ads are only displayed on the screens of the appropriate audience. This is strategic as it helps in providing enhanced audience efficiency and the reduction of media waste

2. Keeps The Attention Of The Viewer

The main disadvantage with linear TV ads is that skipping them is possible or the person watching may simply switch to another channel. On the contrary Connected TV adverts do not allow skipping. The only way to avoid CTV commercials is by subscribing to a premium service without ads.


As well note that the display of CTV ads happens at a frequency that is much lower. Thus unlike cable or linear TV commercials CTV ads are much more viewable with a completion rate above 94%. Viewers do not only complete watching but are also more alert when it comes to Connected TV ads. The CTV commands a higher engagement rate of 97% compared to the 83% engagement rate of commercials displayed on a desktop or mobile device.

3. Real-Time Advert Monitoring And Optimization

When it comes to traditional television commercials it takes longer, from weeks to months, for a report on performance to be made available. For that reason it is not possible to conveniently make necessary changes to an advertising campaign.

On the other hand CTV adverts allow the monitoring and analysis of performance in real-time. Since campaign results are conveniently available it is possible to make any necessary campaign changes.


4. Reduced Impression Costs

CTV impressions are much more affordable than linear TV commercials. CTV ads are displayed in a similar setting to the commercials that a viewer often sees during normal TV programming. Because usually more than one person is watching at any given time an opportunity is presented for reducing the impression costs.

5. Experimentation On Formats Of Ads

Another reason why Connected TV is considered more advantageous than linear TV is that it allows the testing of different advertisement formats. This medium of advertising enables the display of highly entertaining and unique ads particularly those that are interactive and animated.

In Summary

As this article has explained, CTV advertising comes with numerous benefits. The advertising medium is gaining popularity as it is budget-friendly, delivers enhanced ad engagement, provides real-time tracking of ad performance, etc. Hopefully this guide has answered the question; What is connected TV advertising?

CTV Advertising is the future of advertising as many consumers increasingly prefer the use of internet streaming. Many people are relying on CTV devices for accessing various services of video streaming including Netflix and Hulu. CT devices also come in handy for users in searching for different online content like photos and movies.