Benefits Of Using Audience Interactivity Tools For Your Event

Benefits Of Using Audience Interactivity Tools For Your Event

You’ve been planning your big event for months: the venue, the food, the entertainment. You may have even thought about inviting your audience to bring their favorite toys and games to get the party started. If you’re worried about what kind of interactive tools will best fit in with an upscale setting or a more formal occasion, don’t be! There are many ways to introduce fun into your next event without sacrificing classiness or professionalism.

Strengthens Your Brand

Your brand is an important part of your event and can be strengthened using interactivity tools.

  • Engaging with your audience helps to build their relationship with you.
  • Building relationships makes it more likely for them to buy from you or recommend your products.
  • Building a community allows you to increase your brand’s reach and build stronger connections within the industry.

Increases Your Event Stickiness

The stickiness of your event is one of the most important ways to measure its success. How many people do you want to come back again? How many people would recommend it to their friends? If these numbers are low, then you know that something could be done differently.

A major way audience interactivity increases this stickiness is through social media sharing and promotion. Audience interaction tools allow attendees to take photos, videos, and live tweets at your event in real time, allowing them (and others) to easily share their experiences with others outside of the room. This increases your company’s word-of-mouth marketing and public relations and reinforces customer loyalty among those who attended your event.

Improves Business Intelligence

If your event is a success, you’ll be able to reap the rewards through an increase in engagement and revenue. The most common way that this happens is through increased audience stickiness.

This is when an attendee experiences enough value at the event that they decide not just to return for another year but also make it a point of going every single time. This increases the overall value of your brand because you have loyal customers who are excited about attending every year. It also improves revenue streams as well as ROI because people will want to purchase more from you if they enjoy your events so much.

Enhances Your Event Content

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When you incorporate audience interaction tools into your event, you can do much more than just entertain people. You can increase engagement, reach more people on social media, and make your brand recognizable. In addition, it will also improve your event’s efficiency because it lets attendees have more fun.

Boosts Revenue Streams and ROI

Using audience interaction tools at your event can give attendees a real-time experience and a sense of community. This creates a more intimate connection between the speaker and the audience, which increases attendee retention and engagement.

In addition to boosting revenue streams from ticket sales, sponsorships, concessions, etc., you’ll also see an increase in the:

  • Attendee Retention & Engagement
  • Event Conversion Rates
  • Event Attendance


We hope this post has helped you understand the benefits of using audience interactivity tools for your event. With more event organizer platforms like Votemo taking advantage of these technologies, we can expect a better experience for attendees and exhibitors.