Best Ways to Store Cannabis Capsules, Oil,and Isolate


One of the great things about cannabis is its versatility. It can be used to make various products that can be consumed in various ways. What’s more, each of these products can be stored for a long time if done right. It’s not enough to simply store them in 100ml plastic dropper bottles or silicone containers; you must also know which environments to keep them in. Here’s a guide on some of the best ways to store cannabis capsules, oil, and isolate.

Keep Your Cannabis-Infused Products Away from Light

In order to ensure that your cannabis products last long in storage, they must be kept in a cool, dark, and airless space. Excess light can ruin the product. So, refrain from keeping it near sources of sunlight or in brightly-lit rooms. You could also consider covering the container in aluminum foil so that light can be reflected instead of absorbed.

Keep Your Cannabis-Infused Products Away from Heat

You must also refrain from storing your cannabis products in your car’s glove compartment. The temperature inside a car’s cabin tends to get pretty warm when the air-conditioning is not turned on. Heat can thicken the consistency of cannabis-infused oil, making it closer to that of butter. You should also keep your cannabis products away from other sources of heat, such as open windows or stoves or ovens.

Keep Your Cannabis-Infused Products Away from Air and Humidity

The oxygen in the air can alter the chemical balance in your cannabis products. Continued exposure can decrease the potency of the product. Make sure to close every lid tightly. It will help to place the container the product came in another air-tight container. This way, air will not reach the product.

Store Your Infused Products in the Refrigerator

One of the best places to store your cannabis products is in the refrigerator. This works for capsules, oil, and isolates. Storing your cannabis products in the refrigerator will ensure that they’re in a cool environment and are away from the light.

Storing your infused products in the refrigerator significantly increases the storage time once it’s opened. If you refrigerate your products, you can expect them to last for about one and a half to two years after you’ve opened the seal of the packaging it came in. On the other hand, it will be difficult for your infused products to last longer than a year if you store them in a pantry.

Store Cannabis Isolate in a Silicone Container

Storing cannabis isolates in a silicone container is a better option than storing them in plastic or glass containers. This is because silicone is a non-stick surface. Thus, your cannabis isolate won’t get stuck to the surface weeks after you store it. This will also ensure that none of the product gets wasted.

If your isolate product comes in a glass container, transfer it into an air-tight silicone container instead if you plan on storing it for a long time. Make sure to label each container properly along with the expiration date mentioned on the product’s bottle. This way, you can keep track of which products you should consume first. Also, you should only use a silicone container that has a solid lid and is dark in color. This will ensure that minimal light reaches container.

Freeze Oils in Ice Trays

One effective way to store cannabis-infused oil is by freezing it in an ice tray. After the ice tray is full, place it in an opaque empty plastic container. Make sure that this container has a lid that clamps on to it. This will make sure that the infused oil isn’t exposed to much air. In addition to that, the opaque walls of the container will restrict the amount of light the oil is exposed to. You can take this one step further by placing the container in the corner of the freezer.

Store Oils in Dropper Bottles

You could also consider storing your cannabis-infused oil in 50ml glass dropper bottles. Just make sure that the bottles are opaque and dark in color. Light will be able to pass through a transparent bottle easily and ruin your product in the process. You must also make sure that the dropper bottles have an air-tight cover.

The good thing about storing infused oil in dropper bottles is that it’s easy to use whenever you want. You can just take it out of the storage container and use the dropper to consume it. Whereas, if you were to freeze it in an ice tray, you would have to let the oil thaw before you could begin using it. Also, you must note that you should refrain from heating the frozen oil to thaw it. The temperature may get too high if you heat it on the stove. It’s best to let it thaw in a dark and dry place until it becomes a liquid.

Store Cannabis Capsules in a Glass Jar

Using a glass jar with an air-tight lid can be an effective way to store your cannabis-infused capsules. Cannabis capsules don’t stick to surfaces as readily as cannabis isolates. Therefore, a glass surface will do just fine as a storage method. If your glass jar is transparent, consider covering it with a few sheets of dark-colored paper. Try to cover all of it if possible. This will reduce the amount of light getting in the jar. You can place the jar in a dry cabinet in your pantry. It will still last for several months to a year in a cabinet. If you’re planning on storing it for longer than that, then store some of it in your refrigerator.

Cannabis products can help you relax and take the edge off when you need it to. Therefore, it’s important to know how to store them, so that even months later they work as well as the day you bought them.


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