Character Traits Of Entrepreneurs According To Their Zodiac Signs


Astrology is a vast field. The power of predicting things with such accuracy cannot be found anywhere else other than in Astrology. Many websites would be claiming to provide accurate data, but astrology requires deep study and not everyone can be trusted. Trusted Teller is one of the very few whom you can trust on.

We all eat, walk, breath and sleep but, in our own different way. Everybody doesn’t has same eating or walking pattern and not everyone gets equally good sleep. Similarly, we have entrepreneurs all over the world who work day and night; but not everybody has a same pattern of working.

In this article we’ll discuss the character traits of Entrepreneurs according to their Zodiac signs.


The one who always tops, and by always, I mean ‘always’!

Nothing can stop Aries from putting ideas into real action. Mars is the ruler planet of Aries, and they have entrepreneurial skills inborn in them. Aries entrepreneurs take a risk and are warriors in the real sense.

Popular Aries entrepreneurs: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Mukesh Ambani, Kris Gopalakrishnan (the Co-founder of the Infosys Ltd.)


For Taurus, it’s all about perseverance, patience and Right Decision at Right Time.

People born with Taurus Sun sign are found to have been a successful entrepreneur. Do you know why? Because Taurus apply efforts slowly and steadily to the conditions. Venus is the ruler planet and makes Taurus entrepreneurs very decisive in decision making.

Popular Taurus entrepreneurs: March Zuckerberg, Bill Ford, Alex Ikonn


Nobody can be more brilliant in Attracting Talent & Inspiring people around them.

Gemini people focus on minute details of this and that. Gemini believes in studying and learning about common business situations in every angle possible. Gemini entrepreneurs usually seem to have found success in the field of writing and publishing.

Popular Gemini entrepreneurs: Anil Ambani, Alan Cooper, Lakshmi Mittal, Donald Trump


The Cancer key to unlock success is their passion and vast visions.

Cancer people are very selective in everything, and this also includes their business. Cancer people choose their investors, employees and partners with great care. They don’t take any bullshit and talk straight. The sign is ruled by Moon and only deals with specific people.

Popular Cancerian entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Richard Branson (The Virgin Group)

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Just like the Lion that they are- always Fearless, Independent and Powerful.

Sun is the ruling planet of Leo. A Leo entrepreneur tends to be a more significant risk-taker, gracious and able to overcome adversities. Leo people have a commanding presence, with a sense of limelight that could make them noticeable immediately. These people are born business leaders, don’t implement but always delegates.

Popular Leo entrepreneurs: Sergey Brin, Narayan Murthy, Sachin Bansal


The Perfectionist performing some detail-oriented Perfection is the way Virgos work.

A Virgo, this is the sun sign that most names in the list of Forbes Billionaire share; Mercury is the ruling planet. And Virgo’s entrepreneurs need you to understand their need of being productive and as long as you do so- Virgos will be a joy at work.

Popular Virgo entrepreneurs: Larry Ellison, Warren Buffet, Beyonce


Cooperative by nature and Excellency in creating long term cooperative relations is the weapon of Libras.

Libra is ruled by the planet of Venus-ruled, and its people are fantastic communicators and gracious. When we talk about business, Libra people are very smooth operators. People of Libra sun sign are too gentlemanly and refined to fight ugly; they usually have strong ideals and believe in honest living.

Popular Libra entrepreneurs: Serena Williams, Kim Kadarshian, Sam Walton


Scorpios are not just enthusiastic and intense but ambitious too.

Scorpios are successful entrepreneurs when in businesses related to money-making such as stocks, investing, analysing markets and more. Scorpios have a sharp eye for excellence. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and its entrepreneurs are cautious, influential, dedicated and envious.

Popular Scorpio entrepreneurs: Malaika Arora, Nita Ambani, Shahrukh Khan.


Sagittarius believes in just three things to do- Eat and drink; being merry, and making a lot of wealth.

Sagittarius entrepreneurs have a sharp intellect, curious minds and infiltrating thought processes. Positiveness and belief will get Sagittarius through extremely disturbing experiences in the world of business. Sagittarius loves to explore opportunities and at the same time, are focused at work too.

Popular Sagittarius entrepreneurs: Manish Malhotra, Andrew Carnegie.


The Rule of Capricorn: one- Address it, two- conquer it, and three- move to next.

Ruler of Capricorn is the Saturn planet, and Capricorn makes a highly ambitious and hard-working entrepreneur. Capricorn entrepreneurs excel with finances and like to work as a team instead of bossing around.

Popular Capricorn entrepreneurs: Twinkle Khanna, Madam CJ Walker, Michael Newton


Aquarius believes to be high on morals road without having any fear.

Aquarian entrepreneurs are ruled by the planet of Uranus and can be fiercely independent. Aquarian entrepreneurs have never learnt to look back; instead, they are the people who are too focused on their future business plans. They are also rational and well-spoken, which helps them in excelling in numerous business dealings.

Popular Aquarius entrepreneurs: Indravadan Modi (The Cadila Pharmaceuticals), Cindy Gallop, Oprah Winfrey


Pisces are people with High Adaptability and great intuitiveness.

Piscean entrepreneur is the one who understands the business wave and flow and has no belief in time-wasting activities. Pisces is ruled by planets of Neptune & Jupiter, and this makes them brilliant in expressing themselves.

Popular Piscean entrepreneurs: George Dayton, Peter Jones, Jan Koum

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