Choosing Best Industrial Heat Shield Products To Keep Heat Out

Industrial Heat Shield

Many industries produce excessive heat from various manufacturing processes and varieties of heat shield tape and other products are available to prevent excessive heat absorption by surrounding components susceptible to heat. Using such heat shield tape and other products will minimize the heat helping to maintain the consistency of temperature in exhaust gases. Multiple methods such as reflecting, dissipating and absorbing are employed for the purpose. A wide array of industries uses heat shield tape in environments where it is important to provide thermal protection. If we take automobiles, for example, several components in a vehicle need thermal protection including electrical systems, transmission, fuel line, brake etc.

The following physical properties will influence the efficiency of different heat shield options.

  • Conductivity
  • Reflectivity
  • Emissivity

Varying applications need specifically designed heat shield tape to address specific needs and environment. Your choice of best industrial heat shield products will be guided by the specific application and the environment.

Radiant type thermal barrier/heat shield can reflect thermal energy from surfaces that are temperature sensitive. Conductivity and emissivity determine the amount of heat transferred through the air gaps between the heat shield and the source of the hat as also the additional air gap between protected components and the heat shield itself. Often, these heat shield products are custom designed to factor in space and weight constraints in different applications.

Look For Industry-Specific Heat Shield Products

Your choice of heat shield products will be guided by the industry type and your specific circumstances. Aviation and automobile industries are at the forefront of industries that deploy heat shield products in their engines. Vehicles fitted with internal combustion engines benefit significantly from heat shield products since they help in containing the emission of pollution while also enhancing the lifespan of the vehicle.

Improving Fuel Efficiency

An important objective of heat shield products in automobiles is improving fuel efficiency by moving away from the heat from the transmission tunnels/allied components and minimizing internal temperature to allow the occupants in the vehicle and the internal environment to stay cool. In turn, this also helps in improving fuel economy leading to substantial savings over a period of time. Similarly, you can also protect critical wiring in the vehicle with the help of heat shield products and avoid vapour lock by applying this to the fuel lines and enhancing the efficiency and output of the vehicle.

Higher Power Through Emission Control

Heatshield products also help in higher power through emission control. This is feasible when you insulate the automotive exhaust and control the emission of CO2 to improve power and fuel efficiency. Heatshield products further help in bringing down the temperature below the hood which in turn further helps with lower emission and enhanced power delivering more miles for every gallon of fuel.

Extended Life Of The Vehicle

In addition to improved mileage and additional power, heat shield products can contribute to enhanced life of your vehicle and protect the vehicle from internal damages leading to fewer trips to the garage.  However, it is crucial that the heat shield products are sourced from a reliable supplier/manufacturer with long-standing expertise and experience in the business. You should also be aware that inferior products can lead to serious damages to the vehicle apart from the risk of potential accidents.

Heat Shield For Industrial Applications

Apart from automobiles, heat shield products are helpful in industrial applications in a variety of settings.  Following is among some of the important industrial applications.

Exhaust Insulation

Exhaust insulation is important for industries in power plants, gaskets, ovens, and generator sets which generate significant radiant heat. Heatshield products can help in containing heat at every stage of the process and bring down energy consumption while minimizing employee fatigue too.

Heat Shield Curtains

Heatshield curtains or barrier curtains can be particularly helpful in environments needing protection for a range of electronic components and the people working with them. Continuous process industries are significantly large and have instrumental control rooms to take care of the functioning of various instruments and gadgets throughout the process. Temperature control is critical in such spaces since a high temperature can trigger erroneous reading from the instruments. Heatshield curtains help significantly in maintaining an optimal temperature in instrumentation control rooms.

Heat Protection Tape

Many vendors also offer a range of heat protection tapes for different applications including industries, home workshops etc helping them safeguard spot components like pipes, wiring, hoses and similar items from radiant energy/heat loss.

Industrial Sleeves

Heatshield products are also offered for heavy-duty applications in industries such as breweries, refineries etc and others. Often these products are tailor-made and help in preventing catastrophic accidents that can seriously impact the operations of a whole industry. These products can also keep fluids hot or cold and that suits refineries and breweries where the stable temperature is mandatory for the gases and fluids.


For best results, you should choose the right heat protection products offered by reputed businesses. Study all the information in-depth and explore a larger array of manufacturers/suppliers before zeroing in on the best.