Choosing The Right Seo Keywords For Your Business


Selecting the right SEO keywords for your campaigning will help you narrow down your target audience to heighten the chances of worthy leads. Keywords are the terms used by online users to search for a specific product or service online. There are too variations of keywords that you can target: long-tail, and short-tail. Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific to narrow down the search even further, which lowers the ranking competition. Short-tail keywords are the shorter, broader and more generic terms that people use to find a product or service. We recommend targeting having a combination of both to widen the prospects! Here are some ways to choose the right keywords for your SEO efforts:

Think Like a Customer

Try and detach yourself from the business and ask yourself, “If I was the customer, what would I type to find my products & services?” Sometimes we get stuck in a professional mindset and think too technically, so retreat back to basics. Consulting with others who aren’t involved in the business can also be really valuable!

Analyse the Competition

Your SEO company should scope out the competition to see what’s working for them to do what we call “stacking”. Essentially, stacking is when you analyse the most successful aspects of businesses around you, before stacking that information within your own strategy to produce better results. For example, you might work out that one competitor has nailed their meta descriptions to draw in more traffic, but another competitor is ranked better by Google. You figure out what they’ve both done to achieve these results and then stack that information to implement within your own strategy for holistic success! You can track which keywords are ranking well for your competitors through software like SEMrush or Agency Analytics.

Study the Long Tail Keywords

  •  Long tail keywords are the combination of three or more keywords. While the utilisation of long-tail keywords might reflect lower search volumes, they attract more relevant traffic and are also easier to rank for. Consider factors like location and competition, i.e. “best plumbing service Australia”.

Use Relevant Keyword Research Tools

Seeking help from an SEO Company will really help you here, because they generally pay for access to all the best tools and resources. Trial and error is an inevitable part of the SEO process, and you have to continually refine your strategy and keyword list to optimise results based on what the data tells you. Therefore, you need access to different platforms that enable you to measure the performance of your keywords so you can appropriately respond. Some of the most reliable websites we recommend include Moz, SEMrush, Agency Analytics, Keywords Everywhere and Woorank.

Follow these three tips and start optimising your SEO strategy today!