Commercial Cork Applications – Are They Effective Enough?

Commercial Cork Applications

The commercial cork applications are generally referred to as the cork floorings; it is adaptable to any setting, strong and tough, derived from renewable, and most imperatively, eco-friendly sources. It has been highly praised as one of the most environmentally friendly flooring materials, the cork terrazzo offers a lot more in this regard. A commercial application is one such primary use. It is known to be efficient and reliable as it is impermeable, fire retardant, easy to maintain and does not require replacement and restoration.

Commercial Cork Applications Suitability

Commercial Cork Applications

People nowadays have become quite aware of how important it is to utilize natural and eco-friendly building materials. This is why their wisest choice is to have commercial cork applications. Cork has been around since long and everywhere already; offices, streets, and other commercial buildings since the 1920s and 1930s and is still found on every other establishment or door that we choose to enter. The best part of having cork applications is that they look as exquisite as the day it was installed for the very first time. Some of the most popular buildings have been using cork as a vital alternative for flooring. Cork applications can withstand decades only by proper maintenance and care; cork flooring can serve its due purpose indefinitely.


The composition of cork as flooring has made it the primary reason for it being quite resilient and durable. Having a lifetime varying from 150 to 250 years, the cork oak tree from which the cork material is derived takes place after every 9 years. No more than half of the bark is stripped off, which leaves only the sufficient amount intact for its protection from environmental dangers as pesticides along with other chemical-based repellants are not frequently used in maintaining the cork forest.

Commercial Cork Applications

The traits of commercial cork applications have greatly affected its appeal in the market as it is the only proof that this material is worth the investment. The durability of the material relies mainly on its resilience. The resiliency of the material makes it adaptable to routine wear and tear that foot traffic and everyday business can cause hence making it the best choice for the high-needed industry of commercial businesses through the decades since it came into existence.

The installation expenses will initially set you off a little but the period of wear and tear and eventually the replacement of the tile flooring will be much wider considering the intervals when compared to similar products.