Control Who Gets Hold Of A Gun!

With wide and shocking cases of shootings that we have seen in the last few years, the most important question here is how do we prevent such terrible violence from happening in the first place?

It is a common saying, ‘guns do not kill people – people do’, but an individual also needs to have a gun if their intent is to commit a crime using that gun. So, all that an individual need is their willingness and a gun in hand!

There are more than 100 million Americans who own guns, and one in every ten households that have kids have loaded guns. Although most guns used in crimes are stolen, there is still a big concern for anyone that commits gun violence while obtaining one legally.

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So what could be done to prevent this gun violence? Consider an individual who buys a gun legally, but has some mental issues with bad intend in using that gun, and no one out there is actually aware of that individual’s mental instability until it is too late, and something dreadful happens?

So, all those Americans who own guns such as an AR-10 between 40 to 50 million of them own a handgun, and the rest of them own different types of firearms like a shotgun, or something a lot more powerful. The point here is – do we really need such powerful guns at home? Or should they be prevented to be used at home?

When it is about the limitations in obtaining a gun in Connecticut, it has brought some of the toughest limitations in the nation along with California, but with some of the shootings in Connecticut, it made merely no difference with the mass shooting of the innocent young children, and the adults who tried to secure them at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Both Connecticut and California have lowered their death rates from guns, but other states with limited restrictions on guns have the highest number of deaths. What does it indicate? Here’s a great read on CT gun rights

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With all the talks about people who are mentally instable and still carry a gun has been eliminated, and it is just the beginning. But, how does it work? Some strict arrangements need to be made by performing a test in hospitals for mental illness, or medical offices to ensure people are sane enough to own one.