Crypto ATM Profitability: Is It a Good Investment?

ATM Profitability

The hype around cryptocurrency is increasing by the day. Investors already know that they can make a good profit in several ways like through buying and selling crypto, lending under P2P programs, and mining among other methods. Buying and selling have now taken another twist where investors open a cryptocurrency ATM that is installed in a strategic location. Today, these machines are popular, and new investors are aggressively looking forward to owning one.

But does the business have any profitability? Most people, especially newbies in the crypto industry, are wary, and only detailed insights can clear the air. Read on to learn more.


When installing a new crypto ATM, the initial capital will go to various costs that must be noted. They include the following considerations.

  •       Liquidity for operation – when starting, you will need both fiat cash and cryptocurrency. Experts recommend a ratio of 50/50, but you can adjust the ratio depending on the expected demand.
  •       Legal costs – this goes to the necessary licenses to operate a business in your country. If it has to be registered, this expense will also be included here.
  •       Software and hardware costs – the machine hardware should be bought from reliable experts. In most cases, the hardware vendor will also take care of the software that will be used to conduct all the operations.

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How It Works

By now, you know all the necessary costs if you want to buy and sell cryptocurrency through owning an ATM. Customers will be charged a commission, which is part of your profit. It is imperative to let the customers know the commission involved per transaction before they commit to trading.

Another great way for investors to make a profit is through buying cryptocurrency at a lower price and selling it at a higher price. This is acceptable as long as one is within the range set by various factors. If your prices are too high compared to other platforms, your business will lack customers and fail.

If you are working as a third party to some popular platforms, there might be an additional commission at the end of the month according to the signed contract. So, the ways to earn a profit through a crypto ATM are as many as the business will allow.

How to Increase the Profit Margins

Crypto ATMs were started for Bitcoin, but today, other cryptocurrencies have joined the trend. If you have been operating a Bitcoin ATM, it is time to consult experts to learn if it can accommodate more cryptocurrencies. The greater the variety, the higher the profitability.

Another great way to increase the chances of obtaining more profit is by adding more crypto ATMs at strategic locations. These include shopping malls, near banks and other busy business hubs. When thorough research has been conducted, it is easy to secure an excellent location.


Operating a crypto ATM is a great business opportunity whether you are a beginner or have years of experience in the field. You will need to carry out a lot of research to understand the industry and develop the best strategy to increase your profit margin.