Custom Badge Holders To Use At Your Next Event Or Tradeshow

Custom Badge Holders

An ID cardholder is a plastic casing utilized to hold badges and IDs. Such badge holders can be made of any other material too. Such badge holders come in various sizes, designs, and shapes. Badge holders can be customized according to one’s needs. Check out awesome promotional ID badge holders.

IDs are subject to damage as they are usually placed around an employee’s neck. Therefore, the need to protect IDs has given rise to badge holders. IDs are an important source of identification and document. They should be handled with care and badge holders do this job for you. IDs fade after a period of time. By constant bending, the card breaks rendering them unfit for use. Badge holders ensure none of such things happen to your ID.

Badge holders have numerous benefits one of which is that it facilitates easy and quick identification. The chances of an employee losing his ID gets reduced if he uses a badge holder. Most of the time IDs get misplaced because of its small size. However with badge holders, one can easily find his ID. Badge holders also facilitate easy pinning and easy display of their ID cards. This is vital in the workspace and for official purposes.

Why Should One Use Custom Made Badge Holders At Tradeshows?

Attracts attention: With a clever design, one can attract people. It creates a long-lasting impact on the experience of the attendees. A unique and cool badge holder can make a memento memorable.

Simplicity: Keeping it simple is important as some people in the desire to have a clever design, end up cluttering the badge holder.

Reasonable customized badge holders can be purchased from Studio D Merchandise. They offer abundant variety.

  • Carabiner Badge Reels: Such badge holders are extremely helpful for retraction of ID cards with photo and smaller tools. They can be clamped onto the loop in your belt, bag strap, and purse. Such badge holders are perfectly suitable for a formal and professional environment. Their price ranges from $0.6 to $2.2 depending on the quality you choose.
  • Chrome badge reels: This badge reel is strong enough to stand the regular wear and tear. Their price ranges from $1.8 to $2.7.
  • Conventional ID cardholder: Their price ranges from $0.2 to 0.9.

There are many more types of badge holders that you can find. Choose the best badge holder to make the most out of it.