Discuss Some Key Ideas To Design Letterhead Printing For Your Business


If you are planning to design a letterhead for your business, you need to consider some key options in mind for designing a letterhead. It’s not a tough job to design letterhead; just there is a need for creativity and skill to design a letterhead. Many business people consider letterhead printing an additional cost in the business, but it’s not an additional cost. It’s a basic requirement of a business to look at the printing of letterheads after its design. No doubt business operations can be completed without the printing of letterhead, but one needs it for many purposes. It is an understood point that letterhead is used for several purposes, so we can’t underestimate its importance in business. For this reason, the letterhead should be designed perfectly. How to design a perfect letterhead? Let’s discuss the key ideas!


A logo is the first thing to consider in a letterhead. The right position of the logo along with its design and elegance matters in the letterhead. The first thing is to design an eye-catching logo for improving the grace of the letterhead. A logo represents the picture of your business, so it should be attractive and graceful. Your clients, competitors, and individuals who are somehow attached to your business first look at the logo. Don’t forget that your logo represents the good image of your business! You can’t design it improperly especially for the letterhead. Many companies design their logos keeping in view the letterhead that how it looks on paper. No doubt a customer perceives the image of your products and services after looking at the neatness and design of the logo on the letterhead. It’s true!

Contact Details On The Letterhead

After you have designed an eye-catching logo, the next thing you focus on is the contact details on the letterhead. You can’t skip to mention the address of the company along with the designation of the chief executive on the letterhead. The phone number, fax number, email address, and other necessary contact details are to be mentioned on the letterhead to guide those who use your company printed letterhead. In this way, you get all the relevant contact details on the letterhead to improve the appearance of your letterhead. In the business community, we see the trend of using letterhead is a common practice, where the address and contact details have got significance importance.

The Size Of Letterhead

Size is another important thing to consider in a letterhead. You can’t sip to choose the size of a letterhead whenever you design it. Different sizes are available for letterheads when it comes to printing and designing. The most common size is the 8.5 x 11 that is also known as the standard size letterhead wherever it is used. Importantly, this size can easily be attached to emails and that’s the speciality of using this standard size letterhead for printing. For letterhead printing, you can’t forget to choose the right size. Choosing a size is a must!

Letterhead Color

Before you print your letterhead, you make sure that the color scheme is good for your letterhead. Review all the mistakes of letterhead covering logo, size and contact details. But don’t underrate the color of a letterhead, if you think color needs to be changed then change it. Check the pattern of a letterhead whenever you choose it. Make sure the color is attractive and eye-catching. Nowadays, people prefer to use two pattern colors on letterheads while some use four pattern color schemes on letterheads. The choice is all yours whether you choose two-color or four-color patterns for letterhead.