ECOM Elites Review: Learn Dropshipping Like aPro


If you are looking to find a comprehensive and non-stressing tutorial on dropshipping, the ECOM Elites should be on your top choice. It is considered one of the complete training courses if you want to be a part of the dropshipping business. To help you decide if this course would fit your needs, we have prepared this ECOM Elites review.

Actually, this is the ECOM Elites version 2.0 already, and this has brought some improved guides than the early one. This course covers every aspect that an eCommerce and dropshipping business could take.

ECOM Elites Review

This ECOM Elites review does not cover all the features and points of the entire course. This is just to give you a comfortable and easy to understand outlook on how it works.

First, what is ECOM Elites, and what can we expect from it?

In simple terms, it is a comprehensive module of crash courses that runs about 34 hours and 32 minutes. That means you should not finish the entire course in one sitting. That would be insane.

Speaking of modules, the ECOM Elites consists of 10 modules. Each module has its own importance to the overall eCommerce business. Each one tackles a key part of your future eCommerce business, including the dos and don’ts.

10 Modules Overview

Setting up Store

This is the part where all preparations will come into play. This will include finding the right product for you, and the research that will be done to make sure that your chosen niche will work as expected.

This module will also involve store design and themes, setting up payments, setting up shipping, and learning more about store funnel.

Sourcing Products and Research

This module focuses on not just finding the right product for you, but also the right product that will sell. This will also teach you how to find the source of products or the quality products that will represent your store because, at the end of the day, your branding is the one that gets the front seat.

Product research and overview are what makes this whole module. So be sure to sweep the entire 2 hours and 43 minutes because this is crucial.

3 and 4. Facebook

The Facebook module will tackle the ways on how to advertise and set up your market within the platform.

Instagram Traffic

The same goes for the Facebook module; the Instagram traffic takes on finding the right influencers, topic trends and managing Instagram ads.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing will teach how to maximize communication using Email and to make it a bridge for more outreach.

Chatbot Profits

This module for Chatbot Profits will teach you how to set up chatbots and make them work for you as your virtual employees.

Building Sales Funnels

Funneling is a great strategy for eCommerce, especially if you learn it through this ECOM Elites course. It gives you businessmen and businesswomen the power of connections and how various online platform integrations can greatly improve your store revenues.

Google Ads

If there is one most effective way to spread the news that you have an online store, Google should be your go-to. And this is what this module is all about.

Organic Google Traffic

This module will teach you the most important tool for online marketing, and that is SEO.


There are more bonus tutorials and videos on top of this already fully-booked course. You can even request a specific separate video if there is one topic that you find a bit difficult to understand.

All of that benefits for unbelievable package tiers. One is the Standard version for $497 and the Ultimate version for $687. Those are the regular prices.

Last I checked, they are currently on a promo period, and thus, the price is temporarily down to $197 for the Standard version. The Ultimate version is temporarily priced at $297. So if you head there now, you should get a massive discount for all their offers. Just go to the ECOM Elites review page now.