End Mill Versus Drill Bit: Which is Better?

If you are purchasing some cutting tools for your toolbox, you will want the best recommendations. You may also be wondering if you can opt for just one of these; end mill or drill bits. Unfortunately, it is challenging to decide which the best among the two is. These tools perform different functions, and there are also several types of end mills and drill bits. Hence, the best will depend on what you are going to use it for. Even if you ask prominent drill bit and end mill manufacturers in the USA, the answer will still be the same. So let’s talk about the types and functions of these tools. It will make it easier for you to decide the best option.

Generally, the drill bit is for drilling while the end mill is used for the transverse knife.

Types and uses of end mills

Square end mills

This type is used for general milling works such as profiling, slotting, and plunge cutting.

Rough end mills

It is used in heavy operations for removing massive amounts of materials. This mill does not vibrate much when in use, but it leaves a rough finishing. It is also called hog mills.

Ball end mills

This type of mill is suitable for contour surfaces, slotting, and pocketing. It is also called ball nose end mills.

Corner radius end mills

With this mill, the cutting edge is well rounded, and it is used in situations where a particular radius is needed.

Corner rounding end mills

This mill type is used for milling rounded edges.

Keyway end mills

These mills have small cutting diameters to fit between the keyway slot they cut and the key stock.

Roughing and finishing end mills

These end mills are designed to remove heavy materials while smoothening the finishing.

Now let’s talk about the drill bits as well.

Brad-point bit

This bit is ideal for drilling woods. It has sharp cutting points that leave a crisp edge and a flat bottom.

Auger bit

It’s excellent for drilling deep holes in wood.

Spade bit

This type of bit is one of the most common types, and it is used for drilling wide and deep holes.

Masonry bit

The masonry bit is used for drilling bricks, concretes, stones, and other tough masonry material.

Step bit

The bit is used to drill sheet metal. The stepped design allows you to drill holes with several diameters.

Forstner bit

It is used to create flat-bottomed holes like the ones in cabinet doors for European-style hinges.

Countersink bit

This bit creates a conical hole.

Twist bit

It drills both metal and wood. When you are using it on metals, you need to use them at low speeds and with lubricant to ensure that it does not heat the metal. With wood, you can use it at high speeds, but you need to pull it out regularly so that you can get rid of wood waste.

The discussion above shows that each drill and bit has its specific use. We can only talk about the best for each task like we have done above. However, if you are looking for the best of the tools, you should research drill bits and end mill manufacturers in the USA. Suncoast Precision Tools has a wide selection of end mills and drill bits. The top brands produce the best of these tools and we are proud to tell you that we have partnered with these brands.