ES01, One Of The Best Charging Station

Best Charging Station

It is very rare nowadays for people not to use gadgets and electronic devices.  Anywhere you go you will find someone carrying a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any similar gadget.  It also follows that the demand for charging devices continue to rise.  People cannot use their favorite electronic devices once it has run out of power.  There are many kinds of charging devices available in the market.  One of the most stylish and modern charging devices available is the ES01.  It is not just any ordinary charging tool.  The ES01 is designed to look sleek and attractive which makes it possibly the best charging station ever. What makes the ES01 the best charging device out there? Let us take a look at the many features of this great product.

Cutting edge design

When talking about charging devices, the excellent design doesn’t always come to mind.  Most charging stations appear bulky, messy, and unsightly.  It’s one of the instances where the function is more prominent than form. Yet in the case of ES01’s design, it is actually the total opposite of unsightly and messy.  It has managed to look modern and stylish while maintaining its functionality.

Neat and organized

The ES01 is designed with ample space between its five well-designed sockets.  This means that the bigger main adapters will not take up a lot of space.  Therefore, it actually looks more organized and clean compared to the usual charging station.

The possibility of pesky crossed wires is now a thing of the past.


A single power switch

It comes with a tactile switch which allows you to turn on or turn off your devices simultaneously.  Its soft white light shows the power status.  It is not only eco-friendly but it is also very convenient to use.

Convenient to Use

The elegant design of the ES01 is a welcome change from the typical industrial power strips.  Say goodbye to the messy tangle of cables and plugs. You don’t have to worry about finding a place to hide it from plain view.  Since it actually looks good enough that you would want to display it.  This charging station is a modern piece of art which can also power-up your precious gadgets.

Fabric Power Cord

Typical charging stations have ugly and messy wires.  The ES01 charging station, however, has a three-meter-long fabric-covered power cord.  The wires actually look very chic and classy.

Offers Overload Protection

An extension cable can easily get overloaded. This problem is eliminated in the ES01.  It has an integral thermal circuit breaker which prevents it from overloading.

No More Crawling and Untangling

The ES01 charging station is designed to prevent wires from getting tangled with each other. This means that you no longer have to crawl under or around your furniture just to untangle power cables.  This not only saves you time and energy but it also prevents you from awkward and stressful situations.

With the many awesome and modern features of the ES01, you will surely enjoy using it.