Fake Glasses: A Much Needed Fashion Upgrade!

Fake Glasses: A Much Needed Fashion Upgrade!

Eyewear has been continuously evolving. With changing fashion trends and a range of eye conditions to cater to, the brands have taken to innovation to meet the consumers’ demands.

One of the recent trends in eyewear space is fake glasses. The term fake glasses may be misleading for many. But it’s necessary for us to understand what they are before we make any conclusion.

What are Fake Glasses?

The last time I went to buy prescription glasses online, I was amazed to find a wide range of non-prescription glasses too. In simple terms, fake glasses are nothing but glasses without any prescription. They shot into fame when Hollywood celebrities started wearing them to make a fashion statement.

Today, eyeglasses are being increasingly used as a fashion accessory, apart from their normal function of being an eyesight correction instrument. This is what is driving the sales of fake glasses.

Do Fake Glasses Harm Your Vision?

Fake glasses do not have any prescription and therefore, it has nothing to do with your eyesight. In short, fake glasses do not harm your vision. However, if you do require an eyesight correction, you would need a pair of prescription glasses.

You can also get various coatings applied to your fake glasses such as the anti-glare coating, protective UV coating. You can also replace the normal lenses by blue light blocking lenses to ensure your digital wellbeing. Further, your pair of normal fake glasses can also be updated to the much needed reading glasses.

Trending Styles in Fake Glasses

Now that we know what fake glasses are, let us bring to you the styles that are trending.

Clear Glasses

For anyone looking for a contemporary pair of glasses for their fashion needs, a pair of fake clear glasses is where your search ends. The glassy structure of the clear frames makes them an elite pair of glasses. The transparent feature ensures that there is no hindrance caused to your facial features. Your facial features only get more highlighted by clear glasses.

Metal Frame Glasses

If you want your pair of fake glasses to provide you company for a long period of time and at the same time, provide a bold fashion touch, metal frame glasses are here to your rescue.

You can wear them to a professional office, a lively bar, or even a serene beach, the iconic metal frame glasses will never disappoint you.

Cat-eye Frames

Undoubtedly, the most trending fake glasses for women. Ladies, we understand your need to walk around in style. That’s why we would like to recommend a pair of cat-eye glasses for you.

Taking nothing away from their solid angular design, credits must also be given to their versatility. It is their versatility that has taken it many ladies and their style that has made it being loved by many.

Tortoiseshell Glasses

These vintage styles can do wonders for your physical appearance. The contrasting shades that they use to perfection, is what makes them a classic pair of eyeglasses.

Also, you can wear them to any occasion, and the mesmerising effect that they will have on their viewers will give your tortoiseshell frames the much needed admiration.