Frequently Asked Questions About Power Wheelchairs

Frequently Asked Questions About Power Wheelchairs

Users of electric wheelchairs need accurate information on how to keep their mobility devices in proper working order. This involves understanding how to charge the power chair batteries, as well as battery care and maintenance.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Power Chair Battery Completely?

In most cases, it takes about 8 hours to charge an electric wheelchair battery fully. On the other hand, new batteries may take up to ten hours to charge completely from empty. Individuals should only use the Chargers for power chairs should in conjunction with the portable Multi-Stage Battery Charger. In order to avoid the risk of overcharging, this charger has been engineered to provide the appropriate quantity of energy.

How Long Would A Fully Charged Battery Last?

Fully charged batteries should be able to retain a charge for several hours. That is, with a range of around 10 to 20 miles. However, other variables influence how long a battery can maintain its charge levels. That includes:

  • The installed battery type: The preferable battery type is the sealed lead-acid batteries.
  • Battery age: Batteries require regular changing since they have a life lifetime of up to 18 months. Moreover, brand new batteries tend to live longer than batteries that are old and worn out.
  • The environment of the wheelchair user: The topography and grade of the surface have an impact on the battery’s capacity on how long it may be in use. For example, a wheelchair battery may last much longer on the softer and flatter ground than a battery on a wheelchair moving through rough and muddy terrain.
  • The weight of the rider: The weight of the rider may have an impact on the battery power. The lighter the user, the longer the battery would last. Nonetheless, the vice versa is also true.

Is There A Method To Tell When The Battery Is Getting Low On Charge?

In power wheelchairs, the battery gauge Lights are mounted on the surface of the joystick controller to provide visual feedback. These indicator lights will flash to show when the battery has been fully charged. In addition, they will also reflect the charge strength of the battery at that time.

To maintain the best battery charge level, the users must use a multi-stage battery charger overnight and every day of regular usage. While the chair is not in use, it is crucial to keep the battery fully charged. Moreover, this will allow the batteries to survive for a more extended period of time.

When Should You Change The Batteries In Your Electric Wheelchair?

While there are many factors to consider, new power chair batteries should last at least six months, with a potential lifetime of one year or more. However, the electric wheelchair batteries require a replacement if; they begin to lose power rapidly, the travel range reduces, or some damage occurs. Many power chairs have two batteries, so the other will keep you going even if one fails. If your power chair batteries last less than a day, it’s time to replace both of them.