Harnessing the Power of Copywriting in Emails

Harnessing the Power of Copywriting in Emails

Brands and email marketers often spend a lot of their time and efforts in creating winning emails for promoting their offers and products. Their biggest email marketing goals are to be seen in the inbox and get their subscribers to open the emails and take action. Brands use Mailchimp email templates, Salesforce templates, and Pardot email templates that follow email design best practices to create emails that get clicked.

Not getting the desired results out of your email campaigns can be a wake-up call to recheck on the way you design your emails. Everything, right from the subject line to the layout of the email play a vital role in making your email campaign successful. While creating emails, you need to focus highly on the following elements:

  • Subject Line: The email subject line is the first thing that your users notice about your email. It is therefore important to nail the subject line with an enticing copy. Tailor your subject lines to make it engaging and relevant for all your users.
  • Body Content: The body content is what conveys your message and gets users to take the desired action. Make the body content crisp and effective while creatively conveying the message. Apart from promoting your products and explaining your offerings, give the users a reason to keep reading your email and take the desired action with an enthralling copy.
  • Call to Action: The CTA should be as persuasive as the rest of the email content. It would boost the chances of subscribers clicking through the email to know more about your products or offers. Instead of writing a simple “Click here”, make it unique and in line with your body content to lure more people to take action.

Here’s an email example from the brand Rock Candy Media that has a creative subject line, body content and call to action. Take a look.

Subject line: Put down those beans and check out this branding 🥄🥄🥄

An email copy that connects with the readers and keeps them glued to your email performs better than a generic email that lists a few products, showcases its benefits and has a standard “Buy Now” call to action.

So, how to create an email copy that really converts? Read on to find out!

Tips to Create Killer Email Copy

Use a Conversational Tone

Your email copy should be easy to scan and should read like spoken language. Use short sentences and simpler words to communicate your message effectively. Avoid using jargons, acronyms, and buzzwords that could confuse your users. Instead, use an interactive tone and language that anyone can grasp easily.

Check out this example from Brooks Running. Right from the subject line to the body content and headline, it uses short sentences and an interactive tone, which keeps the user engaged and interested throughout.

Subject line: How do you run?


Impart Storytelling

Stories have the power to snag the users’ attention and get etched in their memory. Use storytelling in your email copy to tap on the emotional instincts of the subscribers and encourage them to take action. When your offer is interesting and presented in the form of a story, it increases the chance of engagement and conversion.

Take a look at this email from ADG Creative. It uses interactive storytelling to take the users on a trip down the memory lane. The brand presents the topics of business and marketing in the form of a humorous and interesting copy.

Subject line: Masters of the Branding Universe! 💪


Use the Problem Agitation Solution (PAS) Formula

One way to build a connection with your subscribers and introduce your offers and products is by incorporating the PAS formula. The Problem-Agitation-Solution formula talks about the problems and challenges faced by people and then presents a solution in the form of a product or service. This tactic works well when you want to introduce an exclusive product or announce a specific offer. Call out the problem and then give a detailed insight into how your product can be an ideal solution to it.

For example, the below email from Nike features their exclusive product that talks about the challenges of leg injuries caused by running shoes and how their product solves the issue. It also includes an expert review of the product, which adds to its credibility.

Subject line: Member Access: Nike React Infinity Run


Consider the Chet Holmes Pyramid while Nurturing Leads

Lead nurturing emails that have a persuasive copy can work wonders in converting your prospects into customers. But, to understand whether the subscribers are interested in buying from you, you must evaluate them as per the Chet Holmes Pyramid.

According to the theory, out of all your subscribers, only 3% are interested in buying from you now, 6-7% are open to buying, 30% are not even thinking about buying, and 30% know they are not interested. This means only 10% of your subscribers are actually interested in buying from you. This needs to be taken into consideration along with the customers’ buying journey while creating your lead nurturing emails.



The email copy is one of the most important elements that decide the success of your emails. Make the copy less salesy and more enjoyable for your users to read, and offer solutions to their problem. Following the above tips will help you write enthralling email copy that would lead to successful email campaigns.

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