How can Marketing Help you Develop A Successful Business

All companies perform activities in a specific environment, i.e. an environment that defines their activity and results. The environment by functioning, the conditions of formation and operation of the company creates chances for successful business as well as the dangers that can undermine the survival of the company. From this it can be seen that the enterprise is just an element of the environment, and with its activity, in proportion to its strength, affects the functioning of the environment. In this sense, the company is in constant interaction with other participants in the environment, with some in direct, with some in the indirect, and with some in a mild or no relation.

Market-oriented enterprise, which carries out the research of its redeem and wider environment – markets, demands, competitors, market segmentation, etc., carries out exploration of consumers and on the basis of it conceives marketing mix mixes, as the logical consequence of its activities, results in the adoption of modern environment communication system.
Market communication, especially a promotional mix, is directed towards consumers and towards the wider environment, i.e. public. Part of the communication mix can also be directed towards the employees of the company. In this way, every company appears in the role of communicators and promoters. In marketing there are several concepts, interpretations when the promotion is concerned.

  • Promotion
  • Concept and goals

The most important element in creating a marketing strategy in the modern world of contemporary achievements and new forms of business is promotion. Although it is different in different areas in various ways, promotion is, in any case, a modern marketing communication method in a complex market. Its basic role is to stimulate shopping, break the prejudices, and turn the deficiency into an advantage. In essence, promotion should be viewed as an exchange stimulus. It is necessary to distinguish it from market research because the promotion does not examine market specificity, but it informs the consumers about its offer and key advantages in relation to the competition. One of the important characteristics of the promotion is that it is the main creator of the image of the company abroad. It causes greater customer loyalty, thus achieving one of the most important marketing strategy goals.

Promotion as one of the four elements of marketing mix, in addition to product, price and distribution, includes all activities between businesses and customers. The promotion represents all communication and operational activities aimed at informing, presenting and promoting sales in order to create a favorable attitude towards products and services, to promote sales or to accept an idea. As an instrument of marketing mix, it is a part of the process of integrated marketing communication and its main purpose is to create a positive attitude about the products or services leading to their favor in the process of buying in the market, i.e. the desired market positioning of both products and firms. It is a continuous process of communicating companies with customers, both existing and potential.

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