How Data & Security Companies Can Use Asset Tracking Software To Secure The Facility?

For data and Security Company managers, keeping track of their crucial business assets, whether it be servers, laptops, and other components, presents a big challenge. Preventing loss due to employee theft or poor maintenance management turns out to be a full-time job in itself. To manage all of your IT-related assets, there is simply no better way on how data and security companies can build their business by leveraging technology. This can be done by optimizing the data center security by using asset tracking software to secure the facility. Radio Frequency Identification provides most managers with an ideal tool for managing even the most complex and ever-evolving inventory of assets.

Software and Hardware Components

Most of the data and security companies are now integrating an asset tracking system directly into their facility design. Each inventory item or asset is tagged with an adhesive, small tag containing a radio transmitter. The tag is then scanned using a handheld scanner, or monitored in real-time from a central command unit, depending on the level of security you require. For simple business operations, these tags and handheld scanners go well with any budget. As the requirements increase, the costs naturally rise up.

Though the tags only allow for individual items to be tracked, the actual essence of the asset management system lies in the software suite. With a comprehensive asset tracking management system, there is no limit to what data and security companies can accomplish. After the team ends up manually updating the tags and asset details, the software can work as a cataloging system, which is quite similar to what you may find in a library.

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Businesses do come up with customized security settings that trigger alarms as an asset moves into an unauthorized zone, or trigger actions necessary to working operations such as re-ordering of materials. A complete report can be generated in a matter of seconds that provide details on different variables. The software can be completely integrated with an existing supply chain management and accounting setup, for an effective and smooth asset management system.


One of the greatest advantages to having such a system in place is the reduction in losses due to poor preventive maintenance practices or employee theft, and an early end to the asset’s useful life. By putting a robust asset management program in place, the data and security companies can cut down on the overhead expenses; increase ROI for every asset under control. With customized security settings, businesses can effortlessly avert unnecessary losses, and manage periodic maintenance schedules efficiently.

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