How Gas Station Transactions Work

Gas Station

Pump payment technology is no longer a new phenomenon; it’s the same technology used in basic card processing. Over 90 percent of gas stations will give you an option to fuel your car using credit cards. This is the most popular option for customers to pay for gas for one main reason: credit card companies offer cash back for gas. As a merchant, it is important to capitalize on potential customers.

Without having to carry around bulky cash, users are now free to make hassle free payments with cards.

How the gas station’s account works

Once the merchant has registered with the card processor, an account is provided. The processing company will supply you with a terminal and the best method for managing your payments. When customers swipe their cards, the processing company processes the payment. The terminal authorizes the payment by charging some transactional fees. Ultimately, the gas station owner receives their full payment to their business account after an agreed period of time.

The Fleet Industry

Two of the most common fleet cards used at gas stations are Wright Express (WEX) and Voyager cards. WEX is the card of choice for more than 3 million cardholders nationwide representing thousands of fleets, both large and small. Voyager process more than 95 percent of governments’ fleet transactions and 70 percent of state governments’ fleet transactions, this is a huge segment that merchants can capitalize on when they partner with the right credit card processor.

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Processing fees

The credit card processing company processes each transaction at a cost. The fees to be charged are determined by the costs involved in giving the services. Sometimes, the fees change depending on the market prices. Despite the charges involved in the transaction, credit card transactions at the gas station remain the most preferred gas station payment solutions. That means, without the ability to process credit cards, you lose business to competitors.

Gas payment solutions that are gaining momentum in recent years

With the rise in fraud cases, customers are understandably concerned. Technology that helps curb that rise in fraud is highly welcome. Technologies like tokenization and P2PE, which are more secure, are increasingly being adopted. They provide an end-to-end solution in tackling fraud.

The following are some trends that are gaining momentum

Mobile payments

Mobile payments are starting to become a larger part of how customers pay. People are using it when they forget their wallet or other forms of payment. Convenience and security are two factors that have started to rule our lives. We are getting closer to living in a reality where customers no longer have to carry physical cards on them to make purchases.


With how interconnected everything is, gas payments may look drastically different.  Soon consumers may be able to pay for gas and find an available pump all through their phone. This could cut down wait times and fueling times for both consumers and merchants. Technology has taken the center stage when it comes to gas station transactions with merchants opting for the newest technology that is secure and convenient.