How Much Do You Know About Hair Integration Systems?

How Much Do You Know About Hair Integration Systems?

When you don’t have enough hair to attach a topper and weft extensions conventionally, you can use a hair integration system to attach them to your natural hair. You can sleep, exercise, and shower in it for weeks while the hair system remains attached.

How Is a Hair Integration System Different from Hair Extensions?

A hair integration system is commonly known as a pull-through hair integration hairpiece. The hair is different from extensions as it looks like the person’s natural hair.

Pull-through toppers for thinning hair are popular with women and offer many styling options. They are the perfect answer for people who want to cover bald spots or thin hair.

Hair integration systems give the wearer’s natural hair more length and volume. The hair mesh integration solution will not only enhance the appearance and feel of natural hair. Still, it will also do so without harming it.

How Has the Hair Integration System Become Popular?

Hair integration systems are becoming more popular as they are easy to use, come in many styles, and are more versatile than other non-surgical hair replacement options.

Also, all mesh integration systems are made to match the texture, color, and length of the wearer’s natural hair. That gives them a final look that is so natural that it is almost impossible to tell they are wearing a wig.

New Times Hair can create pull-through hair toppers, wigs, or hairpieces to meet your client’s needs. Get in touch with your local hair integration wig suppliers for more information and a price list:

How to Attach the Hair Integration System?

The human hair integration systems are an innovative non-surgical hair replacement option for women that is different from conventional approaches.

Hairpieces are simply placed on the top of the head and secured with tape or clips. After that, tuck the wearer’s natural hair into the hair net’s holes.

With hair integration wig providers, hair integration systems are made to look like the wearer’s natural hair. This makes the unit look smooth and realistic.

The particular needs of various clients are met by various hairpiece integrations. As makers of hair integration wigs, their hair system models are often made to match women’s different stages of hair loss.

How Does the Hair Integration System Cope With Hair Loss?

Hair loss isn’t noticeable in the early stages because it’s usually small and only happens around the part. The hair integration method just adds more hair to this split area because the hair loss isn’t noticeable. Large PE holes and clips around the perimeter can be designed into partial hair pieces for simple attachment.

A Guide On The Best Hair Loss Treatment For Females

The second stage of hair loss is when it becomes more apparent. It will happen around the parting and near the top and crown of the head. We advise using crown filler pieces at this time. We can still use PE-lined bases for construction.

But if you want to make the hair thicker, experienced makers of hair integration wigs suggest making the PE lines of the mesh a little bit smaller.

Small PE lines will not adequately cover this bald spot, or there will be very little hair along the parting and top area in the advanced stages of hair loss. Now, we’ll need to use our combined building method to naturally cover up the parting and bald area at the front.

What Are the Tricks of Hair Integration System Base?

Some examples include PE lines with, for instance, a PU parting and front, a French lace parting and front, a mono parting, or PE lines with a silk top parting area.

For these designs to work, tape or glue would be needed to attach the parting and front area to the skull. The PE line would then be clipped or sewn onto the natural hair.


Most hair integration systems are made to fit the needs and preferences of each client. New Times Hair also offers stock units besides wigs for hair integration.

For those who need a hair integration system right away, they make stock systems for them. The base size, hair length, and hair color are standard for the European market.

For more information on the price of the hair integration system and wigs for hair integration, please contact your local suppliers. But first, shop your hair integration system by clicking the link below: