How to Choose the Best-Registered Agent Service for Your Business

How to Choose the Best-Registered Agent Service for Your Business

If you’re an entrepreneur or perhaps a startup business owner, there are a multitude of things to consider outside regular operations and financial support you will have to consider. During the setup and formation process, having the right set of resources and reliable assistance can make the process more seamless.

During your formation process, you will be required to obtain a registered agent. Although a registered agent can be regarded as one of the most important pillars of your business, this person or entity will act as the liaison between your business and the appropriate government and financial entities.

A registered agent will have to deal with all financial and administration filing of your business setup. Even after your business has been registered with the appropriate institutions, your registered agent will need to stay on track of all tax-related filings, lawsuits, changes taking place with local jurisdiction, and also ensure you meet the required obligations laid out by local authorities.

If this is such an important job, and you as a business owner won’t have the needed capacity to fill this role are there registered agent services available that can assist you? If you’re unsure if you can be your own registered agent, take a look at our extensive resource guide.

Benefits Of Using A Registered Agent Service.

Making use of a registered agent service entails you to have more freedom to focus on other operational aspects of your new business and can offer a number of benefits.

Compliance With The Law

Dealing with different business structures, in different states, counties and cities can become overwhelming. A registered agent would assist in helping you stay up-to-date with regular and irregular changes in local and state law. Additionally, these service providers would also liaise with you about upcoming filings and tax returns, this would ensure you don’t ensure any penalties or unnecessary fees. Registered agents can also help you find state-specific accountants and keep all important documentation on record.

Peace of Mind

Registered agents are there to make your personal and business life more balanced, as they tend to offer advice and guidance on difficult subject matters that you’ve never encountered and ensured you can focus on your growing business.


Being your own registered agent can quickly become very overwhelming, especially with so many different laws and regulations to follow. Having a registered agent would take more stress off your shoulders, and help you maintain a healthy professional business. More so, these agents offer more flexibility in your business life, offering you the chance to focus on more important projects.


Consider the privacy of your personal address, especially if your business is registered in your home address. Having a registered agent means that you will skip all unsolicited emails as registered agents’ addresses are published on public records. Additionally, you will not endure being served a lawsuit in front of important customers, family members, and friends, as your registered agent will deal with unwanted lawsuits.

What To Look For In This Service?

The most important factor to look out for is that your registered agent is reliable and widely available, offers thorough coverage in a variety of states, can ensure proper document management, and above all is compliant with local regulations.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent?

Being your own registered agent is definitely possible, but this would mean that you will have to comply and stay up-to-date with compliance matters, be older than 18 years, have a physical address in the state where your business is located and be available during normal business hours.

Can I Elect A Member Of My LLC to Be My Registered Agent?

Yes, but this would mean that the elected member meets the requirements mentioned above but will also be someone who is reliable and trustworthy when it comes to administrative, tax filing, and formation procedures.

Is It Possible To Be Your Own Registered Agent For Your LLC?

Although it is possible to act as your own registered agent for your LLC, or perhaps elect a member, we would recommend using any of the registered agent services listed below.

What Registered Agent Services Are Available?

Depending in which state you conduct business and operate from, you can consider the following registered agent services:

ZenBusiness – For easy and comprehensive service, ZenBusiness offers very reliable and affordable registered agents and LLC formation services. ZenBusiness covers an array of services such as annual filings, tax compliance filings, and business documentation tracking.

IncFile – This is the best choice for entrepreneurs and those working with a small budget. IncFile is a well-rounded choice, as it offers a free year of registered agent services if you form an LLC with them. There are also additional options such as business contract templates, website offers, and also banking offers.