How To Create Effective Content?

Effective Content

Whether you have a brand or physical store you need to create content, these days it costly to acquire new customers if you only acquire them by advertising, instead by creating an effective content you will acquire new customers for free.

Content is a word with many shapes, but what type of content will work for you?

Let’s dive in:


Blogging is a great way to start,  if you are passionate about something and you love writing this is for you, what is a content creator but there is over 1 billion blogs in the world it is competitive space, and you need to build your domain in google to see a results, by saying building I mean to improve your ranking in google (SEO) what is SEO?


Search engine optimization, which mean to rank above your competitors in google you need to have higher domain authority than them, domain authority is how google sees your domain, is it strong or weak, How you can increase your domain authority?

Increasing Domain Authority

To increase your DA you need to create a beautiful content, content always wins, If Google see other sites are talking about you, they know you are doing fine and they will increase your DA.

To rank in google you need to make long and engaging articles, if Google sees many people are spending more time on your page than your competitors they know your article is better and they will rank your’s above your competitors.


Another important factor to rank is to target low competency keywords, after you build your domain and increase your DA then target more competitive keywords.

 Effective Content

Great way to rank even if your DA is low is to target long tail keywords, which means keywords that have three or more keywords.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to have free exposure, you need to figure out where your target market spending time, then you need to build an effective content strategy, but how?

Customer Journey

When you are creating a content strategy you need to create it based on customer journey, customer journey is basically a plan where your customer is and what they expect from you, by creating content for each stage your customer feel relevant to your content and your conversion rate will increase, what are the stages? Let’s dive in:


Awareness is the moment your potential customers know about you, in this stage is not about to sell, you need to get the customer to trust you, In this stage you can do an informational or educational content to gain the customer’s trust by being the master in your field.


In this stage customer is comparing your product or service with your competitors, you need to make content about what your product is the best, or what your product is good at, you can   show customers testimonials and reviews.


For actions you need to convince your customer by a free consultation call or an offer.

If this is overwhelming you can always hire social media marketing agency


If you just starting you don’t need to hire a marketer, but if you are going to make a costly product you need a marketer before you even make it, and you can always hire an agency, it’s costly effective.

Source: Jmhour | Advertising agency in Riyadh