How To Deal With Stress At Work?

How To Deal With Stress At Work?

Work-related stress affects up to 50-70% of employees. Nowadays, when the productivity of an employee is the most important, and the requirements often exceed his adaptation abilities, it is difficult to avoid stress. Stress is necessary, but long-term stress is destructive and has a negative impact on our health. Since stress at work concerns everyone working, it is worth learning about how to deal with it.

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Sources Of Stress At Work

There can be many sources of stress at work. The cause of stress may be the type of work performed, associated with high responsibility, e.g. for the life or health of oneself and / or other people, or for the fate of the company. Relationships between employees, employees and supervisors or people using our services can also be a source of stress. The pace of work or the fear of losing it can also be stressful. Working people have many reasons for stress.

Is stress always bad? It’s worth starting with the very definition of stress. Stress is the body’s response to an external stimulus, which may be a physical, biological or psychological factor. It is always worth remembering that a stress factor for one person may not trigger a stress response in another person.

Stress constantly accompanies each of us. It is a necessary factor because its presence motivates to take action. However, chronic stress is undesirable. Apart from the fact that it has a demotivating and destructive effect, it usually causes disturbances in the proper functioning of the body. They can manifest themselves, for example, in the form of gastric disorders, decreased immunity, or even excessive hair loss. The stress tolerance threshold varies in humans, and so do the consequences of its long-term presence. However, it is worth emphasizing here that, according to statistical data, up to 25% of sick leave is caused by stress in the workplace.

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Stress at Work -

How to Deal With Stress at Work? Learn the Best ways

Every employee, regardless of the type of work performed and the position held, is exposed to stressful situations at work. Since the problem affects every employee, it is worth learning how to deal with it. It is difficult to avoid stress, but it is important to develop methods to reduce its impact on our health and motivation to work.

The most important thing is to find the source of stress and try to eliminate it, or reduce a given factor as much as possible. First of all, we should make sure that the work we do is adapted to our physical and mental abilities. Although it is not always easy, it is worth applying for a job that is consistent with our competences and allows us to use our skills and further development. It is also very important to precisely define our duties and competences in relation to the work performed. Let’s not forget that every employee influences interpersonal relations at work. It is worth taking care of them, because they are often the main source of stress at work.