How to Read Your Electricity Meter and Track Usage

How to Read Your Electricity Meter and Track Usage

Electricity is one of our basic necessities. We cannot spend a day without electricity. To enjoy a smooth flow of electricity, we have to pay our electric bills monthly. Now, with the help of the internet, one can complete their electricity bill payment online. So, we do not have to stand in long lines and wait for our turn to pay bills. Keeping the current situation in mind, the online payment facility has been really helpful.

Sometimes, we get some unexpectedly high electricity bills and cannot understand where we went wrong or what appliance consumed that much power. Thankfully, now we can read the electric meters by ourselves. There are numerous benefits of reading the meter;

  • When we are able to read our meters, we can track our daily electricity consumption
  • We can track which appliance is using more electricity. Based on the result we can replace the appliance with another energy-efficient appliance.
  • We can take the necessary steps to cut down our electricity consumption
  • We can check if the auto-generated electricity bill is accurate
  • We can detect if there is an error in the electricity bill and request a rechecking.

So, learning how to check the meter is very essential. Below, the steps to check different meters are discussed in detail.

Checking a Dial Meter

To read a dial meter, you have to check the dials left to right. If the pointer is in between two digits, you have to record the lowest number. Follow the same step for each dial to read the meter.

Checking a Digital Meter

Here, you can read the number displayed on the meter along with the electricity tariff attached to the number. The number 10 stands for the tariff of light and power. Number 20 represents the tariff of hot water, hydro-heat, and off-peak.

These are the major two meters found in most of the places. Now the question comes, how to track our electricity usage.

When you can read your meter, you can monitor your daily usage by following some simple steps.

  • First, take the reading of your meter. This process will continue for a week at least.
  • Keep a record of the list of appliances used each day.
  • Turn some of the appliances off to check the difference in electricity consumption.
  • After a weak, check your record and find out which appliance consumes the most amount of electricity.

You can also use different apps to track your electricity consumption. With these apps, you can see the electricity consumption of each day. So, you can estimate your bill and take steps if needed.

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