Low Flow Sensor, Low Flow Meter

Low Flow Sensor, Low Flow Meter

Understanding A Low Flow Meter

A low flow meter is a device that it utilized to gauge volumetric, mass, non-linear, or linear flow rate of a gas or a liquid. While selecting a flow meter, one should mull over such insubstantial aspects as knowledge of plant workforce, their experience with calibration and maintenance, availability of spare parts, and mean time between failure history at a specific plant site. It is even recommended that the cost of the installation be calculated just after taking these steps.

One of the most common flow measurement mistakes is the reversal of this sequence: in place of choosing a sensor that will function as it should be, an effort is made to give good reason for the utilization of a device for the reason that it is less pricey. Those reasonably priced purchases can be the most expensive installations.

  • Selecting The Right Flow Meter

The initial step in picking the right low flow sensor is to find out if the flow rate information should be totalized or continuous, and whether this information is required distantly or locally. If distantly, should the transmission be digital, analog, or shared? And, if shared, what is the required (least) data-update frequency?

The moment such queries are resolved, an assessment of the properties and flow characteristics of the process fluid, and of the piping that will accommodate the flow meter, should take place. With the intention of approaching this task in a methodical way, forms have been developed, requiring that the following sorts of data be filled in for each application.

  • Fluid and Flow Characteristics

The fluid and its given and its vapor pressure at maximum operating temperature, viscosity, conductivity, density, allowable pressure drop, temperature, and pressure are listed, together with a sign of the way such properties might differ or interact. In addition, every toxicity or safety information should be delivered, together with comprehensive data on the fluid’s light transmission qualities, tendency to coat, solids (fibers, size of particles, soft or abrasive), presence of bubbles, and composition.

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