Make Your Next Event Stand Out From The Crowd

It’s fair to say that the majority of people that attend corporate events don’t appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into planning it, making sure that everything runs perfectly and ensuring that everyone has a memorable time, unless you’re the person who is responsible for everything!

And little do the party-goers realise that, when a huge chunk of your invite list have just arrived, without notice, that the caterers are running short of staff, and that a storm is threatening the moonlight toast that you’ve got ready to go, and you’ve been planning the whole thing for the best part of the year, that sometimes these things aren’t quite fun for everyone.

That said, no matter what kind of event you are planning, whether it’s corporate hospitality, a day at the races, a performance or musical festival, or just a regular wedding party, by choosing an experienced furniture hire Brisbane supplier, their knowledge in such matters could well be the difference between a success and a flop.

Marketing planners will know from experience the potential problems that are associated with furniture hire suppliers. Sadly, there are lots of operators out there that charge the going rate for new stock, but in-fact deliver often cheap, low quality, tired and shabby looking hire stock.

If you want to make an impression with your stand or event then you want to source some quality furniture, such as designer chairs, plush looking furniture, clean modern tables, smart customised reception counters, the very latest presentation equipment alongside other essential items such as secure cabinets, fresh carpeting and sharp lighting. At exhibitions first impressions count, and these are the sort of thing that will get heads turning in your direction for the right reasons, and not all of the wrong ones. What tends to happens is that the myriad of different suppliers tend to source from just a convenient handful of the same manufacturers and distributors, and what often happens is that whilst you make be exhibiting alongside numerous competitors from your industry, your stand ends up looking pretty much the same as theirs. Therefore, carefully choosing a supplier who has gone the extra distance to stock some unique, up to date hire ranges are going to enable you to make your individual company brand qualities to be distinctly emphasised and in doing so, stand out from the crowd.

With some clever thought to the overall impact and look of your event, you should be able to hire a succinct range of pieces that will compliment your event and turn it into a great experience.

As experienced party goers, many of us know that the key to a memorable event is much more than the location, props and hire furniture, but even with good planning, these are the things that can be the difference between a success and a flop. Make sure when your choosing a supplier that you chat with them and get a feel for their attitude. Chances are if they’re sharp and attentive, that they’ll have the perfect items for you and be more than happy to partner with you at your function.