New Book Offers Answers to Science Puzzles With Life-Affirming Answers

New Book Offers Answers to Science Puzzles With Life-Affirming Answers

The Unitive Field is an astonishing book. It’s loaded with variety and delightful pictures, yet more critically, stunning ideas as large as the dark openings in a portion of its pictures.

Fredrick Swaroop Honig’s objective recorded as a hard copy this book is to consolidate the study of physical science with the study of cognizance. Taking into account that Honig is connected with the historic researcher Lise Meitner, and he, at the end of the day, is an appointed priest in the Holy Order of Sannyas, a pastor of Integral Yoga, and the gatekeeper of a greenhouse and bird safe-haven in Maui, that makes for a to be expected however certainly captivating objective. Honig accomplishes that objective with extraordinary effortlessness in this short 140-page book that will leave you loaded up with amazement and needing to peruse it again to ensure you missed nothing.

The book is coordinated into twelve essential sections, every one posing a major inquiry that stays unanswered in the ongoing standard model of physical science. Honig then gives smart solutions to these inquiries. While I’m not a researcher, I found the responses entrancing and invigorating. I have perused books on quantum physical science that have caused me to put stock in the logical premise of such thoughts as the Law of Attraction; accordingly, this book resounded with my profound side and I found that the science in these pages approved my very own considerable lot convictions about existence, the Universe, and our justification behind being on this planet.

Prior to presenting his twelve essential inquiries, Honig puts in a couple of pages examining how the possibility of the Unitive Field is established in science, and he gives statements from Albert Einstein, Lise Meitner, and Isaac Newton to help that assertion. He calls attention to that Einstein “spent the final part of his life looking for one hypothesis that would make sense of the relative multitude of laws of physical science. Naturally, he accepted that nature’s regulations would be all made sense of by one essential regulation that he called Unified Field Theory.” Honig additionally brings up that like his maternal grandma’s cousin, Lise Meitner, he was urged to “Pay attention to your folks yet have an independent perspective.”

A couple of the twelve inquiries Honig pose are: what number aspects exist in the universe? What is the idea of cognizance, and how could it emerge? Will the universe keep on extending, or will it contract once more into peculiarity? What variables oversee the advancement of life structures in the universe? What is human cognizance and unrestrained choice, and how might it line up with unitive awareness and goal?

Honig then, at that point, gives replies to each question, and albeit every part is generally short, every one is likewise stuck with more data than I can portray in such a short survey., I’ll simply specify two or three the focuses that astonished and charmed me.

One was the possibility of a Hreem, the force of the existence power, and how it binds to an animal’s expectation and want to live. Honig records various animals on the planet and the strength of their craving to exist, or all the more explicitly, “the sizes of the Hreem power’s causal expectations (ci) in the developmental movement of living things.” That’s what he says “an infection has a goal to live and engender that is identical to .01 Hreem.” By examination, a bird’s is 10,000 and a human’s is a million. As far as I might be concerned, while I regard all types of life, this cleared up for me a ton about life expectancies of different creatures as well as the level of the dubiousness of their reality.

What I generally appreciated, however, was the book’s positive message and the way things were upheld by logical and mathematic estimations. We live in a culture brimming with pessimism and forecasts of the world’s looming obliteration, yet Honig examines how the universe grows and goes through patterns of 144 billion years. He states, “As indicated by Unitive Field Theory, just the extensive power of the huge send off and the contractive gravitational power of the universe’s aggregate mass-energy decide this development rate. In this manner, the universe’s pace of extension isn’t expanding. The universe will at last reuse once again into the base peculiarity, and not one iota, nor one calorie of energy, will be lost all the while.” Furthermore, “Unitive Field Theory predicts that the universe will turn around its development inside 72 billion years from the huge send off and will, inside the following 72 billion years, agreement and return to its basic peculiarity… This is a timeless cycle. What goes up will descend. Nature moves in cycles; there are all nobody way trips in nature. This universe will be reused into the following universe.”

I envision this assertion implies that the world can be annihilated, however regardless of whether that occurs, somewhat, we are everlasting since not “one calorie of energy, will be lost all the while.”

As Honig closes, “In truth, we are one. There is no division between any of us, or among us, and the Unitive Field itself. There exists just a single Unitive Field of cognizance, and we are portions of that field, and simultaneously, one with the actual field. Similarly as a wave is unified with the sea, simultaneously, it is a wave. So we are unified with the actual field, regardless of whether we have restricted cognizance.”

There is quite a lot more I could say regarding this book. I will surrender it to the researchers to decide how precise it is. What I know from perusing it is, eventually, what I’ve generally realized that our lives matter, that there is no demise, and our motivation on this planet, as Honig states, is “to help out. That is the mystery of the universe and of Unitive Field Theory. Live to serve and you will be lined up with the causal aim of Unitive Consciousness.”

In the event that you read this book, I accept you will leave away a superior individual since you are a smarter one. You will comprehend the reason why it is the proper thing to be caring and how intently we are undeniably associated with each other. I say thanks to Fredrick Swaroop Honig for carrying this edifying message to our reality such that makes the most muddled science conceivable on the grounds that, in truth, in its intricacy, the universe has ideal congruity in its all plan.