Oil Coil, Symbol: CRUDE

Available on select DEX exchanges likes clean energy initiatives and is all purpose utility token for the oil and gas industry.

Oil Coin crypto currency trades are authorized under contract address:

The authorized symbol is ‘CRUDE’

Any enthusiast can purchase a trade directly from the DEX exchange. Oil coin’s exchange address is verified and the crypto currency currently has posted trades at 1.37. Current supply is 104,500,000 according to etherscan. Oil coin has conducted a verified swap for other crypto currency so there is no worry swapping back to ether and subsequently fiat if desired.

The crypto currency does not rely on storing of oil and gas so interfering with stable industry pricing mechanisms is not a worry. Oil coin crypto currency is an immediate and long term use solution that is active. Oil and gas continual adoption of clean energy processes is apparent and clean energy is a staple of the future.