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Dedicated Servers

Functionally dedicated servers are nothing different than in-house servers; the only advantage of it is that it is much more cost-efficient. It can also be explained as a single computer in a network which is reserved for fulfilling the need of the network. For better understanding let take a look on an example. Some networks need one computer’s help which is only used to manage the communications between all the other computers. Also, a Cheap Dedicated Server can be a computer to control printer resources.

But not all the servers can be called a dedicated server because, in some server, it can be possible that the computer acts as a server as well as perform other functions as well. So in the web hosting business, they have dedicated servers which are typically a rented service. IN this the user rents the service, internet connection and software through the web host.

Now everyone would be aware of the basic definition of a dedicated server. Now let’s head toward the cost of this server.

Cost of Dedicated Server

So for the cost, we can’t say how much a dedicated server might cost because they vary greatly. So assuming the range $50-$1500 we can take the average price to be $150-$200. Well, it generally depends on what type of resources are needed and how reliable that needs to be.

The factors that you need to consider while buying a dedicated server:

  • Firstly you need to consider how much CPU, RAM, Drive space, Bandwidth is required for your purpose.
  • Are you in a need of a managed server or unmanaged server?
  • Next is to check that how reliable the server is. It is a very important aspect to be taken care of because there are many places where you can get the cheap servers but there are many downfalls to this. The provider is offering such a cheap rate because they cut corners on their network and support.
  • Check for the uptime guarantee of the provider, are they owning their hardware or they are re-seller.
  • How redundant the provider network is.
  • Is there any point where the failure might happen?
  • The help service of the provider, is it available 24/7? And what if the server goes down at 3 am on a Saturday, and how much time will it take to get support.

So for good reliability and a decent budget, avoiding the budget providers will be a lot more helpful to save you from headache in the long run.

As we saw above that servers are of two types managed and unmanaged. So now we will talk about the Cheap Dedicated Server of kind, managed and unmanaged.

Cheap Dedicated Server (Managed)

Why not choose a dedicated server whose hosting goes beyond 24/7 technical support by installing patches and updates, configuring software, and also maintaining the aspects of the environment. A managed host will help to examine all the things infrastructure, so you can manage your business or website well.

Many hosts provide various options as per the requirement of the client whether they want a fully managed server or partially managed server.

Cheap Dedicated Server (Unmanaged)

Developers and site administrators with rich experience in this field might feel managed to host services to be an unnecessary added expense. So they can rely on the cheap dedicated server which is unmanaged.

Some services as offered by the managed dedicated server are offered by most of the host, even if the hardware is living on its facilities or datacenters. Also for everything to run smoothly and securely they will create pressure on you to take their services, but no matter what your host will continue offering technical support in times of need.

Cheap Dedicated Server for Linux

Choosing the operating system between Linux and windows for your server depends on what languages and technology you need to support and what you are hosting. Linux dedicated server has a wider range of support and flexibility being an open-source platform.

Multiple databases such as SQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL are various database you will be able to use on a Linux dedicated server.

Cheap Dedicated Server for Windows

France Windows dedicated server installed on a system will only be supported by Microsoft base technologies or windows. This France Dedicated Server includes ASP.NET, MSSQL, MS Access and Visual Basic. This are mainly used in gaming industry and other software and hardware compatibility also.

Gaming Dedicated Server

As everyone knows that a gamer can’t tolerate latency or downtime. Also, the provider of the gaming dedicated server faces so many problems in providing buttery smooth performance that is only possible with the best hardware and best network. For a gamer, it is highly recommended to have best Germany and France gaming dedicated server which might not be cheaper but the price will be worth as the services provided will be best which includes the latest hardware, ultra-low latency and also the round the clock expert support.

VPN Dedicated Server

There are many advantages of using VPN dedicated server:

  • Secure remote access

Many business networks can be accessed through a specific IP, so using a VPN dedicated server helps you to connect to your business online portal fast and easy.

  • Hassle-free login

While login into various sites they check the IP address and if this keeps on changing they there might be some delay in logging you in but with a VPN dedicated server, it would be avoided.

  • Internet banking security

By limiting your static IP you can be saved by many cybercrimes including banking transaction.

Germany Dedicated Servers

As we learned so much about the dedicated servers and how important and helpful it can be and also manage your business. The dedicated servers of Germany are affordable and provide you with the best servicesGermany Dedicated Server have a wide range of different properties which help you in choosing a perfect server for your needs

Germany dedicated server agencies like provide best rates and wide variety of plans and will also help in building up your brand.