Owning A Website: A Low Risk And Fun Business

Are you looking for a business you can do from home on the side without getting in the way of your regular job or other responsibilities? Then owning a website could be perfect for you. Today you can do that very cheaply without needing to know any coding skills. There are so many point-and-click ways to set up a website. If writing blog posts isn’t your thing, it’s OK! You don’t even need to create a blog. There are many other types of websites, like forums (where your members will be writing the content), e-commerce, and more that you can create.

Best of all, owning a website has very low overhead. If you want, you can do everything yourself without needing to know any coding skills.

Getting started

You can find out how to get started at Purely Space, for free.  They have an illustrated all-in-one beginner’s tutorial page that takes you through the first steps of making your choice of 4 types of website, including a social networking site.

Plus there is another section at Purely Space for next steps from there. All the resources to get started are explained and illustrated. Everything on the site is free to browse.

Low risk

Overhead is low for website ownership. You’re not having to pay rent on a physical building, nor do you need to hire employees. You can do everything yourself. The only thing you’ll need to pay for is hosting. Luckily you can take a look at the Purely Space guide to cheap web hosting to find affordable and reputable web hosts.

Enjoyment and fun

It’s a lot of fun owning a website. You don’t need to know any coding to start any of the websites mentioned in the tutorials at Purely Space, you can do it all point-and-click. It’s enjoyable! You’re in charge without any of the hassle of coding.

Not only is it fun because it’s easy, it’s also great to be able to show your website to others. It’s a wonderful feeling to look at a website and say “Hey, that’s my site.”

Earning money takes a little time

It’s true that you might not make very much in the first few months. But that’s true of any new business. However, you should start seeing some earnings trickle in and become more and more over time. It should not take too long at all for your website to start making a profit if you have a good monetization method on it. These expectations are all mentioned at Purely Space.

Owning multiple websites increases your income and your fun!

After starting your first website, new ideas may come to you for other websites. That’s wonderful! Purely Space is actually written entirely from the point of view that you’ll eventually be owning multiple sites, so it doesn’t assume you’ve got tons of time to put into any one site.

Having multiple sites is also very smart from a monetary point of view. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket: suppose the topic of your first site eventually becomes a little less popular over time? But if you have other websites, some of those ones will likely become more popular over time. So these ups and downs will balance each other out. Your income stream will become more stable and reliable. Furthermore, you’ll also have more fun with more sites!


Why wait? If you’re looking for a good business idea that is low-risk and fun, become a website owner. There is so much information and guidance available online for free at Purely Space that you’ll be able to set up your new site quickly and easily.