Product Management Tools And Aarrr (Pirate) Metrics Framework For Beginners

Management Tools

Are you just a new startup or a newly hired product manager and looking for a guideline on how you can do better at what you already do every day? The role a product manager plays can prove to be a strategic business driver for the business and, as such, many people around are watching closely to ensure which direction you are taking them in. With the help of Product Management tools and cheat sheets – AARRR (PIRATE) Metrics Framework cheat sheets, you will be able to get through the process and know how other product managers interact, arm you with the expertise required to catapult to be the ‘best’ and show how to acknowledge and resolve different types of conflicts.

What Roles Other Products Managers Work On?

The greatest surprise that comes into product management is how many people you get to interact with. Each role a product manager plays has a different perspective. Your task may be to listen to and then integrate everyone’s ideas to lead the business forwards in the most profitable manner. Some of the most common roles a product manager works with are:

  • Product marketing

Product marketing managers and product managers can either be one person performing both roles and two different people working in the same company with a varied focus for each. The product managers focus on ensuring that the right products get delivered in the market, whereas the product marketing managers’ focus on making sure that the right message is sent to the customer which is convincing enough for them to buy the products.

  • Engineers and Developers

Product managers do not develop the product; therefore, they are required to coordinate with the engineers and developers who ensure that the most successful product is designed. Engineers are more solution-oriented and do not resolve customer’s problems. Check out what Matthew Knoot has to share in this regard.

  • Finance, Operations and Customer Support

These features are the most common roles that support business for delivering on the product commitments that your business has made. Operations work on product manufacturing and delivery products without spending too much effort and time. Finance is all about keeping an eye on the revenue generation. Customer support ensures that each customer is being able to use the product effectively. Each department operating in the company partners well in the business’s objective of loyalty and customer satisfaction. Keep finance, operations and support on one page and they will certainly help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.