Simple Guide to Domain Authority: What is it and how to find it!

Simple Guide to Domain Authority: What is it and how to find it!

The authority of your site is indicated by the domain authority (DA). It will enable your site to get a high rank in search engine result pages if your website gets a higher site DA. The higher DA will also help you to get more traffic on your webpage.

Ranks of the domains tell us how much the site is useful for the audience and in front of search engines. This idea is based on the authority to come out from PageRank, introduced by Larry Page, who is one of the founders of Google.

What is the Domain Authority (DA) of a site?

The site DA is a score from 0 to 100. It tells how well a domain is ranked on search engines. The rankings of the websites are influenced by Google (PageRank). All the companies like Moz are struggling to simulate the algorithm adopted by Google to rank a site. It will help to know all the factors that can let down the ranking or affect it badly. These companies also indicate a da score to their users just for comparison purposes.

How to find Domain Authority?

A Moz da checker will measure the DA of the site by considering the following steps:

  • The number of approaching links mentioned on your website.
  • The relevancy and quality of links pointing on your site.
  • The quality of the content present on your domain.
  • The popularity of your sir among the readers.
  • General search engine optimization (SEO) performance of your site.

A simple guide to improving your DA:

Hopefully, it is now clear to everyone what it is and what factors are considered to measure it. Let’s talk about how to optimize the score of your website. A simple guide to practically improve DA is provided to you.

By working on off-page search engine optimization (SEO):

The link profile is essential for all other elements. A clean and strong website will have a higher domain authority score. Your site becomes strong when it will contain high-quality links, and the links must be relevant to the content producing on your site. Bad links will be the cause of a poor impression on your readers.

Optimizing the site with on-page SEO:

It will demand you to work better with your content and page. For this purpose, the titles and descriptions must be optimized. The heading is used with the proper concept of H1 and H2. URL formation will also be a vital step for on-page SEO. All the visuals elements like images, audios, and videos should be SEO optimized. Keyword stuffing is not a useful technique, so use keywords naturally. The most powerful strategy is to add internal links to the content.

Working with technical search engine optimization:

It is a low-level optimization task. You will not have to repeat it if you have corrected it in the beginning. The website must be registered with Google Search Console. XML sitemap of your website will be submitted TO Google after creating and optimizing it. Let the search engine spiders crawl on your site with no hassle by checking robot.txt settings. Make sure the migration of the site to HTTP.

Mobile-friendly structure of the website: 

Now it has become compulsory to shift the access of websites on mobile phones. The sites not accessible on handy devices have fewer chances for high ranks. Also, it leaves a negative impact on the DA score. Mobile users have increased by 60% more than desktop users. The people start searching the website on their mobile phones then go to desktops for work on it.

Suggested domain rank checker:

You can check website authority by using any of the available domain rank checkers as there are various tools present on the internet. Some of the powerful tools are listed below:


SmallSeoTools will let you check domain authority by pasting the required address of your domain. The user will click the “Check Authority” button to know the site’s score within seconds. It will also permit you to check the website authority of your competitor’s website. This domain rank checker gives integrate with Moz and gives you Moz DA score while you check website authority. It will be completely free for users.

Link Explorer:

Moz also provides it. It permits you to check domain authority and linking domains, ranking keywords, anchor text, top pages, and inbound links. However, it is an amazing tool to check domain authority that predicts the DA rate from 0 to 100. It provides a feature that helps improve SEO.


A bundle of tools provided by it to check domain authority as well as to improve SEO. The tools will assist in checking the health of your site. It can be used for SEO monitoring. The SiteChecker works as a free backlink checker, 0n-page SEO checker, and website rank tracker.