Snap Frames as an Advertisement Solution for Businesses

Are you looking for an easy way to put up posters and promotional messages around your store? Do you want to get the attention of visitors with strategically placed graphics?

Snap frames are the best solution if you want to put up point of sale messages around a restaurant, shop or any other establishment. Their design is as simple to use as it gets, all you have to do is print your poster, put it in the frame, snap it shut and put it on the wall.

In this article we’ll go though everything you need to know about snap frames, including the different types, how to install them and frequently asked questions.

What Are Snap Frames?

Snap frames are a type of cases that snaps shut to hold your advertisement posters firmly in place under a clear PVC protective screen. They area also commonly called grip frames, clip frames or snap open frames. Snap frames are perfect for displaying point of sale posters in retail environments because they’re quick and easy to use.

Usually made out of an aluminium frame with hinges that allow it to close over your poster, a PET cover and styrene back panel, good quality snap frames are weatherproof and sealed around all edges. They also come in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit every establishment and environment. A popular option that fits most settings in the classic silver poster frame.

Types Of Snap Frames

In general, there are five types of snap frames.

Mitred Snap Frames

This is the most popular type of snap frames. Mitred snap frames have mitred corners, formed by cutting a joining two of the side edges at a 45° angle to create a 90° corner.

Weatherproof Snap Frames

Weatherproof snap frames are used mostly outdoors. They are sealed with rubber weathering strips and their edges are tightly connected to ensure no water gets into the frame.

Lockable Poster Frames

Lockable snap frames are designed with a concealed lock to stop passers-by from opening the frame. The hinges are locked into place with a key and they can’t be opened without it.

Round Corner Clip Frames

As the name suggests round corner clip frames have rounded corners which makes them better to use in busy public spaces such as underground stations, or pedestrian areas.

Tamper Resist Snap Frames

Similar to the lockable frames, tamper resist snap frames have a lock that requires the use of a special lever to be open.

Which Size Of Frame Is Best For Your Business?

Snap frames usually come in standard poster sizes from the smallest A6 to the biggest A0. Which one you choose for your business very much depends on what it’ll be used for. A4 or A3 are the most popular sizes of snap frames for displaying notices such as work rotas and safety information or small advertising posters in coffee shops or restaurants such as menus and daily deals.

Bigger sizes such as A1 and A2 are perfect for bigger posters to advertise events, retailers or restaurants. The biggest A0 size snap frames are great for large-scale graphics and displays in larger locations such as concert venues or busy stations where they can be spotted by pedestrians even from afar. For safety and security purposes it’s recommended to use screws when installing larger sized snap frames to ensure their weight is properly supported and they won’t fall.

How To Mount Snap Frames On The Wall?

Snap frames are sold assembled and ready to be installed on your wall. They also come with a wall mounting kit that includes screws. To mount your clip frame all you need to do is follow a few easy steps:

  • Open the snap hinges.
  • Line up the frame on the wall with the help of a level.
  • Mark where the drill holes will go with a pencil.
  • Drill where the pencil markings are.
  • Place the screws which came in your kit in the holes.
  • Align the snap frame in them.
  • Fasten the screws with a hand drill.

Alternatively, if you wish to not damage the integrity of the wall you could use double-sided tape to install your snap frame. Follow the same steps mentioned above but instead of drilling a hole and attaching screws simply stick one side of the tape to your frame and then attach it to the wall.

Commonly Asked Questions About Snap Frames

Can You Use Regular Paper Prints In Snap Frames?

Yes, you can put normal paper prints in snap frames. If you want a very high resolution print it’s always recommended to use professional print services for your advertising materials. Ideally it’s best to use PVC paper which is more resistant to condensation and moisture that can cause inks to bleed and paper to crinkle, it’s especially recommended if you’ll be hanging your snap frames anywhere with a lot of condensation such as near toilet or lobbies.

Is It Easy To Replace Posters?

Yes, replacing the posters in your snap frame is effortless. All you need to do is simply pull the frame edges upwards and remove the old poster, then insert the new one, re-position the plastic cover on top and snap he frame shut.

What Are The Covers In Snap Frames For?

Snap frame covers are designed to make posters last longer by protecting them from the influence of elements such as UV rays from the sun. They also keep off moisture from condensation, however, they’re not designed to be waterproof. Over time the plastic will also lose some of its clarity so it’s recommended to change you snap frame covers occasionally.

Can You Get Illuminated Snap Frames?

Yes, there are a number of LED lit up snap frames that are perfect for dimly lit areas or to highlight posters in a store. Illuminated clip frames are great for businesses that are open later in the evening to make promotional posters and displays stand out more.

Can You Put A Board In A Snap Frame?

It’s possible to put cardboard or thicker paper in your snap frame but you need to check what paper weight your frame can hold because a too thick board will prevent your frame from closing all the way.