The Best SEO Software of 2022 to Power Up Your Online Rankings

The Best SEO Software of 2022 to Power Up Your Online Rankings

A recent statistical analysis has revealed the fact that SEO or search engine optimization has the potential to increase the business value of a website visit by 429 percent. The SEO optimization of a website directly contributes to the website’s online ranking. So, be it an existing business or a start-up, it is very crucial to count on SEO tools and techniques to ensure sustainable customer growth for the company.

Numerous platforms and solutions are available to assist you with improving your website’s SEO performance. This is why it becomes tricky when it comes to selecting the right tool or SEO software. So, if you are thinking of investing in an SEO strategy to level up your business approach, this article is going to help you find the best SEO software for 2022 for your business. Go through the article and decide which one would be the best fit for your company according to your requirements.

What is SEO?

SEO refers to search engine optimization, which is an important process applied by companies to help boost their online ranking. SEO is a collection of techniques aimed at enhancing the appearance and ranking of website pages in spontaneous search engine results. This method is employed to obtain traffic via unpaid, editorial, or organic search engine results. It is always desirable to have a higher ranking for a website since it ensures that more people will get to see and visit the website, directly contributing to the high conversion rates.

The most advantageous factor associated with using SEO is that it costs way less than digital advertising. You can lower your cost of customer acquisition and retention by an average of 87.41% by simply going for SEO.

How Can SEO Aid a Webpage’s Rank?

SEO is solely dedicated to enhancing your website’s traffic by ensuring that it appears in relevant and appropriate searches. SEO uses mainly three elements that help to get this job done. The three basic elements include incorporating keywords, uploading relevant content, and off-page signals. Let’s go over the three components to get a better understanding of how SEO works.


Incorporating targeted keywords serves as one of the most fundamental elements of SEO. Adding targeted keywords that match the online searches helps the website rank higher in the search results. You can add the keywords anywhere in the title, meta description, body copy, etc.



Relevant Content

SEO practices suggest businesses upload relevant and quality content on the website to ensure a higher online ranking. Search engines can’t read the website content or articles like humans. However, they are equipped to catch some signals to decide if it is worth promoting your content to the users.

Off-page Signals

Websites are evaluated by the companies they maintain, much like individuals. Your website is rated according to how many different web addresses link back to it, which shows how many site owners use your content as a source on their own.

So, these are the strategies that SEO approaches employ to ensure a higher ranking of the web page. If you want your website to be visible to potential customers by elevating its rank, you must hire an SEO expert.

5 of the Best SEO Software of 2022 to Power Up Your Online Rankings

1. Google Search Console

If you are looking for a free SEO tool that offers excellent services, you can opt for Google Search Console. This software lets you track, manage, and optimize your site’s ranking in Google search results. Some of the greatest features that Google Search Console offers include:

  1. You can analyze the search terms that lead visitors to your website.
  2. It is possible to evaluate as well as assess the impressions, clicks, and positioning of your website on Google.
  3. This also offers an exclusive feature that enables website owners to get alerts on SEO concerns. It helps to fix the website so that it can rank better on the internet.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another free SEO tool that is one of the most commonly used free SEO software alternatives nowadays. With the help of Google Analytics, you can do several things to optimize your website’s rank. It is very easy to monitor critical search engine performance data along with website metrics. This aspect helps your business to achieve better outcomes from the website and marketing initiatives implemented. The salient features of Google Analytics include:

  1. With the implementation of Google Analytics, it becomes easy to monitor the source of website traffic.
  2. It helps to track and distinguish between organic and non-organic website traffic.
  3. It lets you examine the viewer engagement metrics of your website.
  4. It gives you access to view the channels that result in the highest sales for your company.



3. Ahrefs

SEO is a very dynamic concept that constantly evolves. So, opting for an SEO tool that offers a holistic approach to ensure high-quality SEO is always a wise choice. Ahrefs is one such all-in-one SEO toolkit for improving your search engine optimization and generating more website traffic. It costs around $99–$999 per month. Ahrefs is an SEO tool that is equipped enough to assist you in learning important insights about the SEO tactics of your rival companies. This aspect helps you to plan your website to make it stand out. Ahrefs offers the features mentioned below:

  1. It lets you check the quality of the website and provides insights. This helps to improve your website’s ranking.
  2. This provides a significant advantage in analyzing the SEO tactics of competitors.
  3. It helps to determine the search terms your audience is using.
  4. The tool provides a progress report for your website. This helps to analyze a website’s ranking progress and the credibility of the actions taken to achieve the same.

4. MarketingCloudFX

MarketingCloudFX is the next item on our list of the top SEO tools for 2022. If you are looking for a tool that not only serves SEO purposes but also offers digital marketing solutions, MarketingCloudFX should be your first choice. This software is powered by IBM Watson. MarketingCloudFX offers some excellent features, including:

  1. Tracking the overall website performance on the search engines.
  2. Monitoring your present keyword positions.
  3. Analyzing the search engine visibility and ranking of your website.
  4. Use artificial intelligence (AI) to your advantage to get data-driven suggestions for site upgrades.
  5. Keeping track of crucial marketing data like audience engagement, conversion rates, etc.
  6. You can maintain and grow your leads.

5. SEO Panel

If you are looking for a budget-friendly SEO tool that provides outstanding SEO services to optimize your website, you can go for the SEO Panel. This SEO tool requires you to pay between $25 and $99 a month. This is one of the most reliable SEO tools when it comes to tracking your website’s performance and ranking in search engines. It also helps you to curate a SEO strategy to boost the website’s ranking. This tool offers:

  1. Tracking keyword placements.
  2. Analyzing the clicks and impressions from your search results.


Small merchants may soon have mobile conversion rates that are up to 30% greater than those of larger retailers. So, if you want to make your business big on the online platform, it is mandatory to pick up a trustworthy and well-equipped SEO tool.

When it comes to analyzing website performance and search engine rankings, SEO tools act as mentors. The above-mentioned SEO tools are known for their unbeatable and top-notch recommendations to increase website ranking. First, you should look into your requirements and choose the SEO tool accordingly.