Tips For Landscaping Your Garden

Tips For Landscaping Your Garden

In this Covid-19 world, gardens are now as important as bathrooms and kitchens for selling your home. So we have prepared some tips below on how to landscape your garden to get the best possible chance of a decent sale.

  1. A Lovely Lawn

The lawn is the first thing a buyer will see. Try to give it a defined shape and make sure that the grass is evenly cut before each viewing.

  1. Tremendous Trees

Planning trees if you do not have them will assist in a sale if carefully placed. Choose ones that match the size of your garden. If you have the space, multi stem trees always look good.

  1. Elegant Paving

Adding paving can create alluring flow from the building into the garden. Different colours will work best with different flowers.

Golden paving slabs work well with pink or yellow flowering, silver or black paving works wonderfully with bold flower colours and white or grey stones looks great with colours of blooms such as white or purple.

  1. Plants and flowers

Do ensure that your garden is not just lawn and or concrete. Punctuate and frame areas with evergreen plants mixed in with pretty flowers.

  1. Furniture and Ornaments

The garden is an extension of the inner house. Likewise it needs to be staged to look its best. The careful use of garden furniture and ornaments can make its look like an inviting space and give it that personal touch. Don’t overdo though, as it can make a garden look cluttered if you put too much stuff in it.

  1. A garden room

These can be expensive, but the cheapest way of adding square footage. Consider installing a garden room if you have the space. Increasingly lifestyle and functionality of the house are becoming important. If buyers can visualise exercising, doing yoga or working from home in your added garden room, it could clinch the sale.

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