Top Benefits of Buying Breakaway Lanyards for ID Card Holders

Top Benefits of Buying Breakaway Lanyards for ID Card Holders

Many people choose to carry their ID and other essential access cards on a lanyard for easy access and to ensure they don’t misplace them. So, buying breakaway lanyards becomes essential. While using ID cards as part of your security system, pay attention to the kind of lanyard you want to add as an accessory to these badges.

Below are some more benefits to purchasing the same.

Difference between Non-Breakaway and Breakaway

Depending on several design principles, lanyards may differ. The art, materials, lanyard width, and ways of handling ID cards will vary. The breakaway and non-breakaway lanyards’ primary differentiation is the fast-release clasp on a breakaway lanyard.

If adequate pressure is applied to the lanyard, these protective clasps fall apart automatically. For instance, if you grab the lanyard and jerk the body away from it, the clip is undone, and you don’t have to think about pulling it anymore. It is an essential safety feature since it will save you from injuries or stuck in challenging conditions.

Reason to Use Breakaway Lanyards

You may be thinking now how to choose between these two types of lanyards and if you need the extra features. In one key design distinction, breakaway lanyards vary from traditional lanyards. When pulled on or grabbed, these lanyards have a breakaway clasp that splits, enabling the holder to be harmlessly ejected. It’s an essential protection feature since a requisite lanyard may get stuck on machines in many factories, the user can get injured.

Many industries use machinery where, if you have to bend over it to check on it or use it, a lanyard could easily catch on to a moving part. If your company has such equipment, then breakaway types significantly improve employee safety.

Deal With the Safety Issue

Breakaway lanyards are the best choice for your workers and employees or your students and children in your supervision. They come in several types, but when the lanyard is caught or trapped on something, most have some technology that gives way or opens.

For Which Industries Are These Lanyards Beneficial?

A lanyard may get stuck on equipment or pulled on by another person that can lead to accidents. Breakaway strips help ensure safety and prevent accidents in occupations like these. When you work in the following professions, breakaway chords are a better choice.

Industries That Use Heavy Machinery

It can involve mechanics, maintenance workers, printing, and automotive engineers. Essentially, any job site where you have to use equipment with loads of uncovered moving pieces, bend, or lean over accessible equipment to use, or where such equipment is fixed. These jobs can be risky if you trap a lanyard in the machines and cannot break free.

Construction Job

Construction is another job, analogous to the above industry, where one is sometimes subjected to conditions where physical safety is a main priority. Anything that may get caught on exposed surfaces and catch the wearer is a safety threat in situations such as a construction site. Breakaway lanyards can be helpful in such cases.

Combative Style Jobs

Any work where it is necessary to take over a physical, combative style role, such as a bouncer, security guard, or police officer, you can use these lanyards. Many occupations expose you to individuals who are trying to snatch or pull your belongings or attempt to begin a confrontation. Breakaway chords keep your employees from the threats in jobs such as these.


Education does not seem as risky as the above professions, but it is one that has the possibility for accidents because of dealing with kids. For example, someone can pull on a lanyard as a prank or merely to get noticed, if you work with children. People have been injured by getting abruptly jerked backwards by someone dragging on a lanyard, despite no intent being involved.

Bonus Tip: Attaching an ID to A Lanyard

When it is time to tie a breakaway lanyard to your security ID badge or card, you still have more choices. Here are some mounting possibilities that you can choose:

  • With Card Clamp:This is a metal clamp that attaches and secures the lanyard to space at the top of your ID card.
  • Plastic Hook: A small hook made of plastic connects to the slot and is easy to use.
  • Split Ring: When you have keys that you often need to tie to your breakaway chords, you can use it

 To Sum Up

Lanyards are a very significant part of safety in the workplace. Many companies are dedicated to selling ID equipment if you’re searching for breakaway lanyards for your organization.