Trends That Have Led to Cloud Video Conferencing

Businesses today prefer moving to the cloud with a proliferation of mobility solutions, connected devices, and infrastructure as a service offering. This aspect has made video conferencing a lot more practical than ever before to businesses of all sizes.

Ensuring that most businesses get hold of the wide-reaching advantages of video conferencing, it has now become a lot easier with Cloud. IT infrastructure along with security concerns have become a thing of a past. Cloud video conferencing is boosting productivity and collaboration even as it cuts down the total cost of ownership. It is a rapidly emerging aspect as the most preferred communications medium for several businesses out there today.

Some of the major trends have been driving cloud video conferencing, the vital ones are mentioned below:

  • Accessibility of IT- as a Service – With cloud video conferencing, the security concerns that businesses had have become obsolete. With the cloud, IT services are delivered and maintained well, without the need for complicated and expensive on-site server technology. Moreover, programming the VC equipment has made this technology a lot easier to use. Firewall related issues are no longer a concern and users do not have much interest in knowing where the infrastructure ends and the video endpoint begins.
  • Increased Use of Connected Devices – The International market for connected devices, which are gadgets that allow users to access the World Wide Web, surpassed 6 billion units in the year 2014. Connected devices along with services behind them have become seamless. This means, for most of the businesses, everyone in their mobile workforce can enjoy HD video conferencing experience on any connected device without a complex setup.
  • Better Supply Chain Management – Using cloud video conferencing, businesses can talk across and among organizations. Most businesses have a network of suppliers, customers, vendors with whom they must maintain close contact. With the technology moving to the cloud, everyone in the supply chain management process will enjoy equal access to the VC capabilities.

These trends surely will continue to evolve and will greatly influence cloud video conferencing. With the increasing number of businesses moving to cloud-based video setup, seamless collaboration and communication is here to stay. Have access to an efficient and enjoyable video conference session today with meet pro today!