Types of Travel Insurance Policies

Types of Travel Insurance Policies

Whether traveling for pleasure or business, it is important to consider what you would do if you suddenly found yourself in a situation where you were seriously injured or became very ill. You do not want end up in a situation where you could find yourself with an enormous medical bill or you are stranded in a foreign country with no money to get home. The perfect solution to protecting yourself and your loved ones is to purchase Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance was created to protect people when they are tripsite.co.uk abroad or within their own country. It is insurance that is used to cover a number of situations such as medical expenses and financial and other losses that one may incur while traveling. Travel insurance offers coverage for a variety of different types of travelers such as cruise voyages, student treks, business travel, vacations, international travel, and much more.

The following is a list of different types of travel insurance policies available:

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance: This type of insurance provides coverage if an unexpected event causes you to cancel or interrupt your trip. It is designed to provide coverage for such circumstances as a sudden illness, injury, or death of the insured, or a member of the insured’s family.

Medical Insurance: This includes coverage for such events as emergency medical evacuation, transportation to a hospital, treatment and medication costs, hospital stay, transportation home, etc. Compensation will go to the insurer or beneficiary in case of accidental death, loss of sight, or loss of a limb.

Comprehensive Travel Medical Insurance: This type of insurance is designed for individuals who have left their jobs and lost their insurance coverage, or for people residing and working in another country other than their own place of citizenship for an extended period of time.

Baggage Loss/Delay Insurance: This coverage protects you in the event that your luggage is lost, delayed, or stolen. This may include compensation if your bags are delayed for more than 12 hours after you arrive at your destination.

Ski Travel Insurance: This type of coverage protects you when you are on a ski vacation. It can include trip delay/cancellation, medical expenses, baggage loss, equipment theft…etc.

Flight Delay or Cancellation Insurance: This coverage provides coverage for accommodations, meals, and new travel arrangements if you are delayed for a certain amount of time, or if your flight is cancelled.

Emergency Travel Medical Insurance: This insurance covers emergency services while traveling abroad. It covers a wide range of medical problems.

Travel Document Protection: This insurance will help replace lost or stolen travel documents. It is designed to help you replace a passport or other travel documents when they are lost or stolen.

Some travel agencies and travel suppliers offer travel insurance as an option along with their travel services. You can also travel insurance from specialists in the insurance field. This includes travel insurance companies.