VIP Junket Tours By Storm International: European Capitals Are Waiting For You

VIP Junket Tours By Storm International: European Capitals Are Waiting For You

Junket tours to the capitals of Europe are becoming more and more popular every year. This is not just a holiday organized at the highest level – it is an opportunity to take part in games and tournaments, enjoy elite relaxation and get acquainted with European sights. The organizer of the tours is Storm International, which owns the empire of elite Shangri La complexes in Europe.

Unlike other excursion tours VIP junket, a fundamentally new level of relaxation and entertainment, giving vivid emotions, new experiences and incredible dizziness from the feeling of victory.

Shangri La gaming clubs are officially recognized as the best casinos in Belarus and Georgia. In Armenia, Shangri La Yerevan is located in close proximity to the capital center.

How Is VIP Junket Organized?

Darren Keane, Storm International’s Executive Director, points out that customers only pay for casino chips when ordering a tour. The remaining services are paid by the establishment of the country in which the tour is organized. Shangri La offers a rather impressive services list, including:

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  • Meeting the client at the airport.
  • Transfer from the airport and back (upon departure).
  • Accommodation in luxurious casino rooms or in a luxury hotel.
  • Excursion program to the sights of the capital and the surrounding area.
  • Reservation of tables in restaurants, tickets for theatrical plays, concerts, performances, etc.

A round-trip flight is included in the list of services paid by the casino when buying game chips for a certain amount.

All that is required of the client is to visit gaming halls, spend purchased chips and enjoy its favorite games. In this case, the winnings remain with the visitor. In a successful scenario for the client, he/she can not only significantly reduce the tour cost, but also earn during an elite vacation.

Which Shangri La Unit To Choose For Games And Relaxation?

Units of Michael Boettcher’s Storm International are located in the most sophisticated and picturesque areas in European capitals. Each place has its own characteristics, so you should dwell on them in more detail.

Shangri La In The Capital Of Armenia

Shangri La Yerevan is establishment with the longest history among Shangri La units and the largest casino of the brand empire. I has been opened to visitors since 2009. The halls are decorated with discreet luxury inherent in many elite establishments. Due to the fact that the placement of gambling clubs in the capital is prohibited by the law, the casino is located in the immediate vicinity of the city limits in the Pharaon complex.

The scale of the territory is simply impressive: the main hall, a hall with slots, a poker club, X. O. VIP club, as well as three bars and a restaurant owned by the unit and free parking for guests. The complex has 41 gaming tables and more than 340 slot machines. Together with the VIP unit, Armenia received international standards for gaming operations.

Spa center with indoor and outdoor pools, banquet and concert halls – all this is available to the junket tour guests.

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Shangri La Minsk

There is the most titled establishment of the Shangri La casino family. Seven times it has received the title of the best casino in Belarus. Reviews from those who chose Shangri La Minsk are always full of enthusiasm. The unit has opened in 2009 in the very center of the Belarusian capital. The complex is aimed at elite guests with a high income level, therefore it works in the format of a closed club for VIP clients.

The main feature is the restaurant with author’s cuisine, which is managed by world-famous chef, Mark Ulrich. Gastronomic parties and parties for guests – this is something special and delicious. All kinds of shows, super games, concerts and other entertainments decorate the leisure of VIP junket participants.

Shangri La Tbilisi

The Shangri La unit in the capital of Georgia is a real paradise for guests who prefer an elite, refined holiday. The casino is located in one of the most picturesque Tbilisi corners, just a few steps from the famous Bridge of Peace. The road to the airport by car takes only about 20 minutes. The establishment won the Golden Brand Award three times and was officially recognized as the best casino in the country.

Due to its convenient location in a luxurious detached building, the Shangri La Tbilisi unit has gained immense popularity among foreign tourists and capital guests. This place was chosen by guests from Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey – those countries where it is difficult to find special entertainment and there is no own gaming business.

As you can see, each of the Shangri La gaming empire units offers not only high standards of the international level game, but also the best conditions for elite relaxation and exploring the masterpieces of the European capitals history and architecture. Welcome to the tour!

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